Unable to play Minecraft after Windows 10 upgrade!

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  1. To anyone out there a little more computer-savvy than me: I need some help getting my drivers sorted out after upgrading to Windows 10 so that I can still play Minecraft.

    When I attempt to open Minecraft I get an "error trying to render aspects of the game." I know that there are issues with the way Windows 10 pushes driver updates and the requirements to run MC, but I do not fully understand the specifics, and the sites I have been directed to have not helped me resolve the issue.

    I have Intel HD graphics and have already checked and all drivers are up to date. If you need more specifics about the drivers I can provide them.

    Please help!
  2. The best I can come up with, though this probably won't do you much good, is wondering: have you re-installed Java by any chance? If not then I'd try that first, and make sure to get the latest version (1.8.x). Here for example.
  3. Yes, I have updated Java since the Windows upgrade and am currently running version 8 update 60. Double-checked just now to be sure but there are no further updates for Java.
  4. Right, well, another theory (but be careful here!) is that you might have configured hi-res settings in your previous Minecraft setup and now the new environment can't cope. So you could try to reset your configuration to default (temporarily!) and see if that helps you start Minecraft. You can then restore your old stuff.

    • Press win-r (run program) and type 'cmd' (no '', don't type the ''s).
      • You should be in C:\Users\YourName>
    • Type: "cd AppData\Roaming" (no "").
      • You can press tab after typing roam to use tab completion
    • Type: "explorer ." (the . is important!).
    • Now you should now see a list of directories. Careful in this place! Find a directory called .minecraft.
    • (edit): Select it by clicking on it.
    • Rename it (press f2) into, I dunno, "minecraft_backup"?
      • If you want to be extra safe press control-c and control-v (in that same order!) first. This will create a backup copy of your Minecraft program/data folder. Then rename.
    Now try to start the game again, see if this makes a difference.

    Don't worry if you don't see your resource packs, save files, etc, etc. Those are all still safe & secure, it's just that Minecraft can't find them right now.

    Does this make a difference?