Ultra Hardcore Battle (USA Server)

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  1. I am hosting an Ultra Hardcore server for people who can't get on when the other servers are running. I will use this thread to announce when to join the IRC before we start. PLease do not ask for the IP here. The IP will be posted on the EMC IRC when I am ready.

  2. Good luck with this guys! Really glad to see a USA server going for all the people over there. Also in a few weeks I guess we'll have to have USA vs EU :D
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  3. :D I will most likely play often I bet :)
  4. We will be starting a game soon. Join the IRC for more information.
  5. Does anyone want to play Ultra Hardcore in a few minutes? If so, join the IRC.
  6. We are planning to play Hardcore at 22:00 EST. Joing the IRC a few minutes before if you are interested.
  7. I'll try to get in if I have free time, which I most likely won't D:
  8. This ultra hardcore looks like the Hunger Gamens?
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