Ultra Hardcore Battle

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  1. The not-offiicial-at-all EMC Ultra Hardcore Games.

    A few of us get together to play Ultra Hardcore PVP. We play in the evenings (GMT) around 7 or 8 at night.

    If you dont know what Ultra Hardcore is the play is as follows:
    • Your health does not regenerate - the only way to get health is via golden apples or potions
    • The game is on hard mode
    • You will die fast.
    We play with the extra rules:
    • You may not attack anyone until AFTER the first night to give everyone a chance to collect some resources.
    • Thats it :D
    If you wish to play join IRC and ask when the next game is. Instructions on joining IRC can be found here http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-minecraft-irc-channel-emc-on-irc-esper-net.6853/
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  2. Yay - now just need some people... cmon people! :)
  3. I shall join too :)
  4. I'd be up for this
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  5. Im suggesting we do a fixed world size with all against all when we get over 6-8 people?
  6. I'll hop on and try this if I'm around.
  7. Im sure my boss wont mind if I host it on one of our VM' servers?
  8. Thanks ftyvdryhc but josh has set up a server so we'll try that out and see how it goes.
  9. When do people want to play? Id be up for a small game at 9pm GMT? (about 40mins)
  10. Cool if im allowed to play im down, also Call me FTY Or jimz
  11. I might want to join aswell. But could you MCEDIT a map. Make it smaller, so we don't have to travel THOUSANDS of blocks to find others.

    And did you get the idea by the Mindcrack team? :p
  12. Yes the idea is from mindcrack. We're trying to limit the world size as well - the mod supports that
  13. We're having a small test run right now to fix the bugs :D
  14. Is it up? Daniel wants to play....
  15. We joined, we played and... I won :p

    It was good! We learnt to tweak the map size to something playable in a reasonably short amount of time and a few of the other settings.

    It took a few attempts to actually get a fight and not just dying from mobs of course.... :D

    I will definatly be up for this again if other people are. It seems IRC works as a good way to sort it all out.
  16. Yes I agree was a very good game, Got ambushed in the end so did not have time to setup our lava traps... but very very fun, I think Justin should look into running this on emc, perhaps a hardcore game that resets ever 1hr...

    But big thanks to josh for hosting it and d1223m and nab and aikar for all the fun :)
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  17. I think this would be great as an EMC server, the trouble I see is that with timezones and stuff it would be very hard to coordinate. I think it would have to be ultra hardcore + some sort of challenge. Like collect a set of blocks or brew all potions or something. So pvp is allowed but being the last player standing isnt the whole goal.
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