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  1. UHC

    Round Information
    Teams to be decided/split up before we start.
    Level II potions and Notch Apples disabled.
    60 minute timer before walls begin to shrink.
    (Server IP Below)

    For those that don't know what UHC (or Ultra Hardcore) is, it is variant of the game where the player does not regenerate health naturally (from a full health bar). The only way they can regen health is with either a gold apple or instant health potions.

    During gameplay, players are usually split up into teams, with the wining team simply being the last ones alive (mostly through finding and killing other teams). Be aware though, once you die once, you are out of the game, and will be forced to spectate.

    Any more questions, let me know.

    Server IP is below.
    Please be aware, this thread is the ONLY place where this IP should be mentioned publicly, if this IP is mentioned in a public chat on the server as well as another thread on the forums, it IS server advertising, and will be dealt with as such. If you need to share this IP with somebody wanting to compete, please do so privately.

    Winners for UHC 16.08.2015


    Dramanya 4 Kills
    Ben3400 3 Kills
    LuckyPat 3 Kills
  2. Where will this be held?
  3. +1000000000000000000000
  4. External server, the IP will be edited in soon before the event.
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  5. +1, I just can't do it atm do to my busy schedule, maybe in the future I will attend.
  6. This Saturday? :( :( :( Awwwww. I will be leaving for the Grand Canyon Saturday morning. If you do this again during the summer, I will try to go. :) +infinity
  7. What time is it in EMC time?
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  8. Awwwww... this sounds like so much fun... but I'm leaving for China early Saturday morning. Oh well then
  9. Can I just spectate? I likely would not have enough time to fully play, but would love to fly around while invisible to see how everyone is doing.:)
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  10. 5 pm
    edit- I think thats what google said.
  11. I can attend if it's at 5 but do we know if 5 is official? Love UHCs though! :p
  12. Current difference is 5 hours, yes.
    That is possible.
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  13. DANG IT

    Of course it would be during finals week...
  14. Very Interesting :D
  15. What is BST -> EMC?

    Also is this being held on EMC or alt?
  16. So to register, all we have to do is vote in the poll? If so, that is pretty cool, a guaranteed spot.
  17. EMC Time is 5 hours behind BST.
    And it's on an external server.
    Anybody can come whether they vote in the poll or not, it's purely for me to see how many people are interested.
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  18. Me interested, also how it will be organized the teams and matches?
  19. Likely will be random teams, but if you've got a team in mind, that's great too.

    Also, super bump to remind people this will be 5PM EMC Time/10PM BST tommrow!
    Handy timer here; http://itsalmo.st/#uhc_oqmys
  20. Are you releasing server IP near event time?
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