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  1. I guess im not really considered new since I have been here since Jan. but ive never really posted a formal thing so.

    Hi im Mikaila,I currently occupy smp8 where i run my redstone/piston/rails shop and fool around collecting things for auctions. im 20 and my favorite color is black like my soul. I currently run a tumblr, although if you are underage please vist with caution as some posts are nsfw.:)
  2. welcome :D
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  3. Welcome to Emc. Smp8 <3 :D
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  4. SMP8 is bae <£
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  5. smp8 <3
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  6. SMP8 is even baer than Uber_Corq !
  7. nsfw I think is an understatement
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  8. What's nsfw?
  9. o.o ?

    nsfw - not safe for work aka porn,nudity
  10. nsfw is "not safe for work" this link has stuff that is a little more than "not safe for work" xxx rated stuff is generally considered porn, not nsfw
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  11. pfffffffffffffffffft
  12. Welcome to the Empire Mikaila. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  13. Well, fortunately for us that's not really important. The thought is all that matters. Besides; everyone is entitled (I think) to a nice proper Empire introduction. Even if it is long after date. I've seen players introduce themselves while they've already been here for months. And well, I think it's fun to see other better known players pop up who are basically around the same age as I am where in-game time is concerned.

    SO yah, a belated but still well meant welcome to the Empire! I'd say that I hope you have enjoyed or are going to enjoy your stay but I guess it's already too late for that. I'd also warn you about smp8, they're different, but I guess that part is already ancient history as well. oh dear; you've become one of them! :D

    ha, ha, ha, sorry ;) had to be done :)

    But yah, nice meeting you and hope you're going to continue having a great time here on EMC!
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