Uh.... Pikachu....

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  1. Lol, Mudkipz's face is funny
    Here are my guesses on the pokemon pikachu is *trying* to do.
    No idea, (Snorlax), Wobbuffet, and Meowth.
  2. I find this strangely adorable...
  3. wut in the world lol
  4. I feel like i must continue watching.
  5. Why does it keep repeating it?
  6. I dun know
  7. That was amazing
  8. Go home Pikachu, you're drunk.
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  9. Not sure what the first one was, but I do think snorlax was the second one, wobuffet the third, and meowth the last.
  10. LOL!
  11. Oh I just figured out what the first one is (I hope)! Its a beedrill. :D
  12. Good Point!