Two words for complainers

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  1. OK, time for the old guy to have a rant......

    I've been on EMC since last October (230 days and I've had nothing but fun since I joined. I think everything about this server is great, and I see it getting better with each passing month. I look nowhere else, I don't try other servers, this one's for me - full stop.

    I notice a sudden influx of new players complaining about things, either how things are run, or the voting rewards etc. I'm sorry if this sounds rude, but I have TWO words for you - 1 = log, 2 = out.
    If EMC is not to your liking, or you dont like the way things are done - again, apologies - but, why are you here?

    I don't know exact numbers but 100,ooo+ registered members and a handful of complaints - not too bad in my book!

    Apologies to anyone who might finds this offends, but I just felt I had to get this out there.

    Keep going the way you are with things EMC, you're doing a great job :)

    **covers ears, waiting for the backlash** ;)
  2. Staff look at the complaints and see how they can improve on it. I do not see why empire members cannot voice their opinions? I mean, you are complaining right now. Should you "log out" now?
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  3. tbh ive been waiting for someone else to say this. for all the complaints about emc half the people that complain continue to play and whine. its simple you dont have to play here, this server in my opinion is a privilege not a right. you dont like it go find one that fits your needs. the non-productive negativity needs to stop as it does nothing but make people like me not respect you.
  4. Hi Sky, not a complaint my friend, merely an observation :)
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  5. first thing is: 230 days isn't that old 500 days is old. but I agree with the "log out" part, I see what you mean there!
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  6. Hi HAELLO (excuse the pun) "old" as in age IRL ;)
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  7. We appreciate the defense but lets remember - we want to create the best experience we can provide.

    If no-one complains, then we won't know where to improve. HOW a complaint is given should be of the debate, but we should not say all complainers should leave.

    A person should only be compelled to leave if staff has responded to a complaint saying we refuse to agree with the complaint and will not change what they are complaining about.

    If we do agree with it, we will work to improve.

    This thread was a response from complaints - which resulted in major UNIQUE gameplay features on EMC and us answering complaints led to the return of old cats.

    This thread is of course due to snowy's thread, but I understand why he complained - He was looking at it from a view point of "They say theres too much work, but won't take the help when it presents itself".

    If roles were reversed, I would think thats silly too.

    But as snowy posted, it was simply a timing issue, that I simply hadnt gotten back to him with a yes/no yet as I've been busy IRL past few days.

    Now, I cant blindly accept every one who offers help, as I just wrote to staff too:
    But I am at least looking to bring on help where possible, and opening up access to more people so everything doesn't all rely on me.

    So lets not blanket shame complaining, and instead focus on encouraging constructive criticism.
  8. It is a complaint. Albeit, it is about other players, not the server itself as the others do complain about.
    The problem here is that in the instance of the servers themselves, age in days registered really does make a difference in how people will view the Empire. As quoted in many "goodbye" threads, the group of players leaving is always the "vet/veteran" players. These are the ones who have made witness to changes, not short term as in general updates now and again, but long term. That span of time is where people get "it was better back then." "Then" was something a year or more ago. For so much time to be put into this server, like hell people would just "log out". If the server didn't appeal to them, they could have just left at the time they were still new. The fact that people would leave at all after so long is a hard fact to take in. For all that they have built up, it would only seem logical for them to file some sort of complaint instead of just giving themselves the ax.
    The members of this server would rather see positive development long term. It promotes no gain to complain about complainers. If someone has a complaint, they are making the argument that something could be done better. For most threads of that sort, the word to describe this is "potential." The positive ending everyone has in their goodbye threads? It nearly always states that the Empire has potential.

    So let's fix some problem shall we? For all that is good don't ask other players to leave.

    You complain just as others will complain. And guess what, it's good we are. In my own, true honesty, I think we could make something new out of all complaints, no? Let's problem solve. :)
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  9. Wow....perfectly valid points from everyone who has replied, but I feel I haven't got across the point I was trying to make.....

    I'm 100% with Aikar, Sky and Lucky - in a lot of cases, a complaint or suggestion can be a good thing, a means to improvement, but the point I was trying to make was NEW players coming straight on and starting to complain without giving the server a chance.
    It may just be me , but I find it a bit strange...
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  10. I haven't seen too many new players complain so much yet. For most introduction threads, it seems to me that new players are gushing with positive things to say. Other than that, if there is some form of complaint from a newbie, it is usually just them jumping the gun.
    For an interesting side story to make a point, might I introduce you to BlackKnight1021's knights? It is a collection of older players from Smp8 who go around trying to recruit new players who may be having a fun or even rough time with the servers. I can't help but chuckle a little, but we made a friend with a new player who was angry with the server and got muted in his first week. Needless to say he is quite content, now that he has someone to call on for help, or even having someone to talk to. (He's a knight 3rd class in our group now)

    Players new and old will always find something to complain about. The best thing to do is go about having a peaceful discussion with whoever is complaining. I'd hope that who we have here on this server will reach out to help those who have issues with the server, so that we never have to see someone "log out" forever.
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