Tutorial Update Part 1

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  1. Hello everyone! As announced by Maxarias, we are working on a new Tutorial that is much simpler...

    I have worked on a new concept commonly called "Holograms" to help reduce the usage of signs and instead make things easier to display.

    I figured why not spruce up the current tutorial in the mean time until she is done with the new one?

    Check it out in /tutorial

    Note: Seeing some weird lighting issues that may dim out some text.
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  2. Cool! This looks like something out of Star Wars hehehe xD
  3. Impressive first post :D
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  4. Really cool :D Never seen anything like this before!
  5. ;) I try to make it interesting other than just "First OMG I got First."
    It's also funny when you have this song stuck in your head:
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  6. FIFTH!!! :p
  7. I absolutely love these, seen them once and thought of it to have been a perfect idea. Glad this idea is being implemented! More members will finish the tutorial hopefully :D
  8. When I used to snipe in first posts, I usually reserved the post - than edited in something relevant.
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  9. >.>
    I usually do a relevant post then edit in the First :p
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  10. This needs to be in the tutorial now.. :p
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  11. :eek: The floaty text/holograms are cool. I don't think I have ever seen anything like them. Most places just have giant Block words.

    Also, I read that sign as "We have a nature staff team that keeps EMC clean" >.>
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  12. Change the "No Pvp" part to
    "Optional Pvp at Smp6"
    Other than that, I can't wait for this to be added at the new tutorial.
  13. Our target audience is the kind of people who prefer no pvp, and the pvp arenas are meant to be a side thing.

    If someone NEEDS pvp as a reason to give us a shot, they likely aren't a good fit for us anyways :)
  14. This looks great!
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  15. Lookin Good!
  16. This Technology is so awesome! :) I am loving it. And I think it's going to revolutionize communication.

    This moves information out of the chat and directly into the game.

    Thanks Aikar!
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  17. Much better than plain old wooden signs.:D
  18. A reason to come online I guess? :rolleyes:
  19. Looks really awesome!
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