Trophies.. now titles?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Crazy1080, Feb 25, 2014.


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  1. I think we've got a bit of a gulf in our forum titles, for how many trophy points you can get.

    0 - New Member
    5 - Member
    15 - Active Member
    45 - Well-Known Member
    218 - Well-Known Member

    I have nearly five times the amount of trophy points required to get Well-Known, and I am well-known. That's boring.

    I doubt that this would be difficult or time consuming, but if I'm wrong, feel free to say so.
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  2. How about Veteran member, or similar?
  3. I wish I could change my vote. It took me a while to understand what you were saying. I think a more expanded (and embellished) system of tiered ranks would be fun. You could have two titles each based on number of days on EMC and number of posts. And even one for number of likes. Like: Curundu, the Experienced Veteran Jester
  4. Veteran would be pretty cool if you get 2x a well-known member :p
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  5. They're all 3x their last, sans member. At 135 trophy points, you should get a new title.

    Doesn't matter what it's called. Could be pondscum, I just want something different.
  6. I would find it odd if "Veteran" was achievable without the veteran achievement.
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  7. True, could be called something more applicable like "Classy"? I don't know lol
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  8. I suggest "Hamster".
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  9. Then can I suggest "Panda"?
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  10. How about "Haro"?
  11. At 135, you are required to have been on EMC for at least 1 year to achieve the title. I, for one, like the title "Dedicated Member."

    It's consistent, it reflects the requirements, and it flows nicely.
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  12. There will be an official thread regarding this topic coming soon. Stay tuned.
  13. i got rewarded the empire veteran trophy for being on for more than 2 years, would be epic if when my diamond ran out that would say that instead of well known member. :)
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  14. Personally I favor the idea of custom titles, but I'm in agreement with 1080's point too.
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  15. When I noticed Aikar made more trophys/titles, I made a suggestion to him that it would be fun to get away from the default xenforo titles and make some fun custom EMC ones. Please wait for the thread on this though and don't post them here as we will use the thread we create and the 'building ground' for the idea to see what everyone thinks. :)
  16. how about for people who hit 2 years:
    "Ridiculously Old Member, I mean, Seriously, How do you do this unless you're staff?!?"
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  17. I suggest Pie but that was obvious. For a more broad approach what about 'edible entities'?
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  18. that sounds pretty good
    If you have enough trophy points would you be able to customize a title?
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  19. What if we had customized ranks, like
    Official Post Liker

    ??? :D
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  20. Possible with XenForo, but it could cause a bit of confusion, and potential for users to make themselves look like staff.

    With the way XenForo trophies and user title work, it can be possible, using some intermediate level maths, for a veteran title to require a user having the Veteran trophy.
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