[Trivial Quiz] Win 5,000 a week!

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  1. Hello and welcome to the Trivial quiz. You will be able to win up to 5,000r a week by answering the questions correctly and first. The questions range from Anime,Video Games,Common Knowledge,EMC facts,and moar!

    Every Friday I'll reveal the topics

    Every Sunday at 3:00 PM (PST) 5 questions will appear, the first players the answer them,wins 1,000r each question. The winners will be reveled once all questions have been answered, I'll tell you how question you got right...

    Hints may be given if some of the questions are left unanswered (Hints start Monday)

    This Week's Topics:

    - Vocaloid
    - Vocaloid
    - Vocaloid
    - Vocaloid
    - Vocaloid
    - ?
    - ?
    - ?
    - ?
    - ?
    This Week's questions:
    - How many Cryton Vocaloids are there? (Include their names)
    - How is the Vocaloid on my profile picture?
    - How old is this Vocaloid?
    - What is the name of the concert that occurs for this Vocaloid's birthday
    - Explain the story of this song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qkTpJAhywg
    - What is the first name of Minecraft?
    - Name all platforms that Minecraft on (Game systems)
    - What anime am I watching now? (Still airing)
    - How many registered players are there on EMC?
    - How many copies of Minecraft have been sold?


    • One guess per player (NO ALTS!!)
    • You may PM the answers,so no one can cheat off you...
    • When a hint is given, you may answer the question again :)
    • Use anything to help you answer the questions
    • Every month (5 weeks) a Golden Head will be given to the player with the most correct (Getting the answer first does not count)
    • Be specific on the answers:
    Ex: What's the name my account?
    WRONG: Dj

    CORRECT: Dj__Krazy

    WARNING: Rules may change suddenly...

    Item and rupee donations are appreciated...

    Let's Begin:
    What breed is this horse?:https://i.imgur.com/smD2DPS.png
    Winner: Gearmaster09
    1. Is this a trap? (Is this a male dressed as a female?):http://cdn.myanimelist.net/images/characters/7/76762.jpg
    Winner: mman2832,that is Hideyoshi Kinoshita
    2. When did this server launched SMP9?
    Winner: karatekick2001
    3. How many alt's do I have?
    Winner: PsychcRabbit, my alt is Amano_Yuki
    4. Guess a game I play other than Minecraft?
    Winner: slash14459,just played right now, 1 win and 1 lose on ranked...
    5. What fighting game that is coming soon and I'm hyped for it?
    Winner: Qwerty189, I need $7 to pay off my pre-order o3o

    1.Is this a trap? (Is this a male dressed as a female?):http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120911021600/megamitensei/images/4/49/Ichigeki0naoto.png
    Winner: karatekick2001, that is a reversed trap (female dressed as a male), from Persona4/Persona 4 the Golden/Persona 4 Arena/Persona 4 Arena Ultimax/Persona Q
    2.What caused the Ku Klux Klan to be made?
    Winner: havioxs,after the civil war, Afican Americans were allowed vote, have trials,etc.
    3.What do you do when you see a Police car driving on the opposite road?
    Winner: JZH1000,it was trick question :p
    4.What player is ranked 666 on Lifetime TEXP?
    Winner: havioxs, the TEXP of #666 kept changing
    5.What project am I doing right now?
    Winner: slash14459, I have just finished the main ride of the theme park at 1778

    1.Is this a trap? (Is this a male dressed as a female?):http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb...tensei/images/0/01/Persona_4_Teddie_Alice.jpg
    Winner: slash14459, that is Teddy (or Kuma in Japan), from Persona4/Persona 4 the Golden/Persona 4 Arena/Persona 4 Arena Ultimax/Persona Q
    2.What phone was just released today?
    Winner: slash14459, the person to get it dropped it trying to open it :p
    3.What scary game have I played recently?
    Winner: slash14459, 2spooky4me
    Hint: The scary game was published my EA
    4.Will Minecraft come to PS4 and Vita due to Microsoft owning Minecraft,who owns Xbox?
    Winner: slash14459, Microsoft will not change Minecraft for the worst,but make it better for the community
    5.Name a mob that is new to Minecraft.
    Winner: slash14459, slash14459 owned this week

    1.How many Persona games are there in total? (Special Editions/Remakes/Spin-offs to count)
    2.Name the 3 Persona games that have been announced
    3.Which of them is coming 3 days?
    4.What is the name of the Main Character in Person 4?
    5.What is the story of this song?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4Z5G78viGc&list=PLbfbTVdo-hfs_HN-fH8c0SdIBFZgttIYO&index=6
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  4. can u add a pic of the front of the horse?
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  6. Correct! :)
  7. Do we need to do this by memory/knowledge or can we also use books or the internet? Or other people?
  8. You may use people, your brain,your mom,and the internetz
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  9. Can we make this one guess person per question? That way its fair and gives more people a chance.
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  10. What he said
    Also, could there be questions daily, but with a lowered prize, say, 1k per question?
  11. I debating whether to have some Sundays where you have to submit a form to answer the question, every player will have one chance to answer it (No alts). If no one can guess it within the day, guesses can be submitted on the thread and it will have unlimited guesses... Maybe I may do it...
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  12. Is anyone ready for the next shipment of questions?
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  13. yas
  14. oh ya! lol
  15. Here is one topic: Anime...
  16. dang I'm not even gonna be home for the rest of the Sundays this year and half of next year at that time
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  18. El topic dos (2) : EMC history...
  19. Topic 3 and 4: ??????