Trivia game

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  1. So the title pretty much explains it
    Its a trivia game

    How to play:
    1. These questions will be based on me (use knowledge about what you may know about me)
    2.Answer the correct question
    3. Win 10r

    Simple right? Give it a shot :)
  2. Reserved for Trivia Questions....

    Favorite Book?
    Favorite movie? (2 right answers to this 1) 1 answer- the amazing spiderman, N/A
    Nickname? Mr.Smiles
    Favorite Minecraft server? Answered: emc
    Alts accounts name?Answer: KingChesnaught77
    Favorite TV show?Answer: Under The Dome
    Favorite video game (besides MC)
    Pokémon White, Pokémon X, and Y, 3 Left

    More to be added soon
  3. Hmm, any category?
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  4. Just made some questions up: :) ^^^
  5. More like a survey, not trivia lol
  6. Well, you have to have knowledge to answer them :)
  7. 1. Uhm.. Does EMC's forums count as a book?
    2. idk
    3. Oh well.. my friends gave me one.. not sure if I should put it here..
    4. Well, if I answered anything else it'd not be allowed so.. EMC (EMC is my favorite server anyways though)
    5. Cyber_Gram and brttmeow (and a secret one :p)
    6. Battlefield (All of them), Thomas was Alone, and Call of Duty (Zombies ONLY)
  8. It's just more like a preference trivia game lol
  9. ...
    You have to guess those questions about me me. Sorry for the confusion
  10. Ohhh
    I understand now sorry :p
  11. Favorite Book? 50 Shades- I mean Green Eggs and Ham.
    Favorite movie? (2 right answers to this 1) 50 Shades- I mean The Amazing Spiderman
    Nickname? Chessy
    Favorite Minecraft server? Empire Minecraft, I hope.
    Alts accounts name? DragonTombs
    Favorite TV show? That 70s Show
    Favorite video game (besides MC) (6 Correct answers): PayDay 2 is one of them, I hope.
  12. I burst out laughing at this, and now my family thinks I'm a madman. Thank you, Sky.
  13. 1 question, is the favorite server EMC? If it isn't, we can't win the question without getting banned XD
  14. Not all rule breaks lead directly to bans, warnings exist.
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  15. By ban I mean breaking a rule
  16. 1. Wrong
    2. One correct
    3.No XD
    4. Yes
    6. No
    7. No
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  17. Paid to skydragon

  18. Are these any of your favorite video games?
    Call of Duty
  19. Nope
    Hint: once you guess one of them you will probably know the rest of em
  20. So.. It's a series..

    Eh.. Final fantasy?