Triple Beacon Giveaway!

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  1. 3NT3R M3 PL34S3
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  2. This Ninja is In!
  3. May I please be entered in?
  4. Enter me, please.
  5. Enter me please :D

    Dat beacon
  6. enter me at 64 if it isnt a trouble
  7. I put you in at 57, but every number has an equal chance of winning. :)
  8. Enter me plz!!
  9. Enter me please! Thanks
  10. Any number for me.
  11. il guive thiss a shot; count me in!
  12. it would be nice of you to enter me in :) :)
    thank you good sir
    i would also like to ask for number 90 thank you
  13. I'll totally join in on this :3 Count me in!
  14. Whenever I see beacons on the forums, I long to have my own. Please enter me!
  15. After only three days, we're already over 60% full. :D Hurry and get a spot!
  16. Enter me please!
  17. May I enter please.
  18. Bump-only 3 days left to enter!
  19. May I enter my good Kad? =P

    (PM if I win)