Triple Beacon Giveaway!

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  1. So here's the "story". I'm currently hosting an auction for two beacons that has recently gotten to 40,000R, which made me start thinking: Not everybody has the money to pay for a double beacon auction, but plenty of people would love to have a beacon of their own. Solution? Give away three beacons-absolutely free for anybody, as well as some money to go with it!

    So here's how it'll work. Post anything in the comments below, at least saying something to the affect of "enter me!" if nothing else. There will be 100 slots available, so enter quickly! I'll post a list of the entries and update it as frequently as I can. There will be three winners, each receiving a beacon block and then a 5,000 rupee bonus to go with it. One week from now, or once all of the slots are filled, I will use to decide the winners, and they will be notified via PM on how to pickup their prizes. If you win and don't reply to my PM within a week of me sending it, I will pick a different winner to take your place. Should you enter and know you won't be able to get to your computer within a week after the end of the giveaway (the end being somewhere between today and January 1st, 2013), then just include that in your post down below so I'll know not to pick another winner in your place if you win.
    Congratulations on winning, guys! You should receive a PM from me soon about how to claim your prizes and I'll be looking for your replies within a week of them going out. In other news, a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! :)


    1. krysyyjane9191
    2. moyaboya
    3. cddm95ace
    4. NicholasGuy
    5. sqiggleyjeff
    6. Pab10s
    7. SebaB2001
    8. Charip
    9. vividOptimism
    10. sonicol1
    11. SparerToaster
    12. Alek09
    13. kevdudeman
    14. bushyspecialk
    15. Faithcaster
    16. Chris_Flo
    17. southpark347
    18. 5weety
    19. _Stads_
    20. JazzyFina
    21. HylianNinja
    22. ninjaboy5656
    23. GTWGamer
    24. missdeedee68
    25. ItsMeMatheus
    26. jrlizard
    27. TheTrufflehunter
    28. Equinox_Boss
    29. RexBulby
    30. Steven7485
    31. penfoldex
    32. generalfelino015
    33. TomvanWijnin
    34. hayjam
    35. finch_rocks_1
    36. PRO_G4NGST4
    37. CaesarCelestian
    38. facu12301
    39. 1998golfer
    40. Just_So_Pro
    41. luketseng
    42. Qwerty189
    43. SirWunderwaffles
    44. WeirdManaico
    45. MoeMacZap
    46. crossbones
    47. Deathtomb8953
    48. marknaaijer
    49. Dwight5273
    50. slash14459
    51. MarshMellow3000
    52. joshmcf
    54. brickstrike
    55. SpaceShuttleFan
    56. Orlandont
    57. superg64
    58. 14wcooley
    59. aCookieGod
    60. Mystul
    61. cube45
    62. iball6119
    63. Zidanetri0
    64. EpicWeow4
    65. Dudelol523
    66. Jeanzl2000
    67. ob1bob69
    68. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    69. TheMeeper
    70. guhenry3
    71. B4DMAN5IMON
    72. jeroen3020
    73. IamSaj
    74. varkz
    75. AndrewBryer
    76. creeperslayer789
    77. QuarterStop
    78. jacob5089
    79. Shon14
    80. lego7883
    81. TerryDaTerrorist
    82. DanielSpeaks
    83. PenguinDJ
    84. sha449
    85. Kman122000
    86. 5W1P3Z
    87. Daxter9133
    88. jrm531
    89. princebee
    90. Chascarrillo
    91. qwertyzzz18
    92. Xxandster700xX
    93. redwing2000
    94. nick_godoy
    95. Alpha_Squad_Base
    96. duhman0919
    97. SephirothWS
    98. sstrngmnm
    99. lameidl
    100. PandasEatRamen

    Donators toward the Rupee Bonus: (To the people I forgot to list, I still appreciated the donation! :))
    • dandandondo-2,000 Rupees
    • oCynder-1,000 Rupees
    • epicmanbacon-700 Rupees
    • brickstrike-300 Rupees
  2. I'll join in.
  3. Enter me my good sir!
  4. First! Just kidding, Kad, this is awesome, great giveaway, perfect for Christmas.

    Enter me please. :)

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    These will fall a good place at the
    1111 Faith. Inc Mall
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