Triple Beacon Giveaway!

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  1. So uh are alts allowed? I'm in!
  2. Hmm I hadn't thought of that, but it seems like it would be fair if we gave as many unique accounts a spot as possible. So for now no, but if we get to the 24th with plenty of slots still open, then yes I'll enter your alts.
  3. can i join or is it too late.
  4. I'll join! Thanks for doing this!
  5. This is virtual generosity at its most generous - I'd love to enter!
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  6. I wanna be in!!
  7. ¡entra en mí en este sorteo por favor en mí en este sorteo por favor!
  8. I will join :)
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  9. These would look amazing in my res! (enter me please =))
  10. Wow, 1 day down and already more than 40 entries! Thanks for all of the participation guys! :D
  11. Enter me in please
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  12. Wow kadboy...very generous!
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  13. Enter me please i could use a beacon
  14. Let me take place in the competition please. :)
  15. Why not I join in the fun and also heard someone cooking some bacon? :p
  16. I'm in!
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  17. Hey, thx thats a great idea, enter me in please