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  1. In the frontier of SMP4 I have placed a lucrative and valuable treasure. I want you try and find it! You do get to keep whatever is in the chest though.
    Here are some hints.
    Near water
    Near a unofficial outpost
    Close to sand
    The outpost has lots of bridges and is made of stone
    It is past a lone acacia tree
    The biome is green
    May the best team or player discover the treasure!
  2. I did forget to mention that if you have any questions or want a hint at what the treasure is, PM me please.
  3. Did you put a sign or mention anywhere that says it's for this event? Just asking so I don't take anyone's diamonds on accident :p
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  4. You will know there is a book in there entitled congratulations!
    Also it would be nice if whoever finds it posted they found it here.
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  5. Just doing a little BUMP since no one has found it yet
  6. I would like to say to all that the sand is the most important part of the hints.
    "2 beige blocks side by side is where my treasure lies"
    Better find the treasure before some lucky miner does.
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  7. Wait what. Miner? It's underground?
  8. cool event, but pls be careful that u guys dont grief! no taking stuff unless u sure its event!
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  9. Yeah but if it's underground, we have no choice =.= and he griefed on the way there.
    Well, by grief, i mean mining someone else's resources.
  10. You know that this could basically be anywhere on the server? "Near an unofficial outpost" gives absolutely no reference at all.
  11. Indeed... I thought I found the area, except there was no acacia tree or any sand marking the chest. And there was no chest xD
  12. Didn't need to grief because it's only 2 blocks underground
  13. That is the point my friend. It's hard to find for a reason.
    Ever heard of a man named Forrest Fen?
  14. So after discussing hints with Shadow and trying my best to make sense of his hints, I realized that when his clue of "Close to sand" was combined with "2 beige blocks side by side is where my treasure lies", Shadow meant that the chest is NOT near any biome with sand whatsoever--the only sand near the chest is the sand that's marking the chest itself.

    Meaning that if you're near water, somewhat near a lone acacia tree in a grassy biome near an unofficial outpost made of stone and lots of bridges in smp4 frontier and happen to see a random sand-marked area... you've found the chest. Just dig two blocks into the floor and the "lucrative treasures" should be in there.
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  15. Quite right
  16. Let's bump this up a bit since I added new treasure..'
  17. The treasure is around 1000 blocks within any of the spawns ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  18. Confirmed
  19. *walks 1000 blocks in each direction*

    *finds nothing*
  20. Welp, with that hint... I can no longer find any place that qualifies every one of your hints.
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