Trapped in Wastelands...

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  1. So, on EMC I'm not sure how to get out of Wastelands... From what I can tell, I can only go to different worlds from town, but to go to town I, of course, need to be in town. Please help? Also, sorry if this might not fit the category of "General Minecraft Discussion", but I'm not sue where to put it...
  2. Hey CheetahCat, when you go out in the wastelands or the frontier, you spawn in a protected area. In order to teleport back to town, you need to go back to that protected area. If you don't know where those are, just do /map when you're online and click the link it gives, it'll take you to the livemap.
    Once you're in it, you can click your name on the bottom left corner and look for the closest protected area, which will be marked by a yellow square.
    Hope it helps :D
  3. Just adding a little extra info:

    Cheetah: follow this link to see the livemap of your server. It works best if you're online; find your name in the list on the bottom right corner, click it, and you'll see your location.

    You can zoom in and out; look for a yellow "marker"; those will indicate the so called 'wasteland outposts'.
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  4. Thank you both for the help!
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  5. Congrats for making it back into town by the way ;)

    Just came back from being afk, and I peeked on the map and saw you entered the outpost :)