[Trading] Horse Armor for Horse Armor

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  1. I am trading diamond horse armor for gold horse armor.
    Yes, you heard that right.
    However, it won't be a 1:1 trade.
    For every diamond horse armor you want, I want two gold horse armors please ^^
    PM me or reply below. I think I have 9 diamond ones right now so I can take a max of 18 gold ones :3 and yes, I will get rid of all my diamond ones. And I will update this thread as I get more diamond horse armor.

    Edit: I guess I could trade for iron horse armor too, but that'll have to be 4 iron ones for 1 diamond one ^^; well, happy trading!
  2. I'll see what I have later tonight night.
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  3. I'll trade you for 2 diamond horse armor. I will be online after 5pm EMC time.
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  4. Ping. I'm online now. How would you like to make the trade. I missed you by 6 minutes, 21 seconds ago on smp8.
  5. LOL logging on now xD
  6. All of my horse armor has been traded off.

    Thanks guys!
    Thread on hold for now xD
  7. closing thread as requested by op.
Thread Status:
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