[Trading] 8 Ore Busters for a Dragon Egg

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  1. Do you have a (Non-Original) dragon egg gathering dust? Give it to me and in return I will give you 6 Ore Busters and 500,000r. Estimated value of trade, close to 3 and a half million rupees (Ore Busters will reach upwards of 600k plus in the near future again imo). If this is close, but not quite what you were looking for, please let me know and we can negotiate. Thank you all!

    *Current Trade is 4,000,000r and 5 Ore Busters

  2. Yes it is, are you interested?
  3. Ok meet at /v 257 storage and we can trade :)
  4. Hm...strange that I can see only half the conversation?

    {edit: only Toad's posts are visible}
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  5. Rest was deleted, most likely by the posters.
  6. What if i'm totally just talking to myself ;p

    But yeah, this offer still stands, and is still negotiable, in other words moar rupees and promos could be added....
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  7. Added 500k rupees to the trade.

    Current offer therefore is: 500,000r and 6 ore busters for 1 non-original dragon egg.
    I will continue adding more items and rupees until someone gives in.
  8. Added 1 more Ore Buster to the trade. Therefore current trade is:

    7 Ore Busters and 500,000r for one Non-Original Dragon Egg.
  9. I wish I had THAT!!!!!
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  10. Right Now, I wish I had a dragon egg. xD
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  11. I would legit sell everything I have for it
  12. Increased the trade to 8 Ore Busters.

    Current Trade: 8 Ore Busters and 500,000r
  13. I know how hard it is to find someone willing to sell you their rare items. I've not had any luck recently in my own search. You have always been a good friend to me even before you were green. I will be sending you an extra 500k to help your pursuit. Hopefully you will have better luck :)
  14. :confused:

    WOW THANKS! lol. Not sure if this will convince someone to sell one, but I certainly hope so lol
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  15. Do we have a list of who has the eggs?
  16. There's not a list written up, no. The original dragon egg owners are known but there are at least 95 normal dragon eggs (ones that Toade is attempting to find) so there are a good lot of owners out there, I being one, but I think the problem here is that all the owners just want to hang on to them now! But yeah, I can name various owners off the top of my head, but there's no actual list I'm afraid, and I can't think of anyone that is currently willing to sell one...
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  17. This is really tempting
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  18. Current Trade is 8 Ore Busters and 1,000,000r with an estimated value of around 5 million total.
  19. Make those ore busters rupees and I'll sleep on it ;) :p
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