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  1. (V5 created 5th March 2015, originally V4 from March 2014 until this date)

    If you have an item you wish to sell, buy or trade, PM me on site or in game, and we can see what kind of deal we can rustle up! :)

    • Ore Busters - 60k members pickaxe! (Only trading for Super Rares)
    *NOTICE* Items under "Trading" category can be traded for items under "Buying" category unless stated otherwise.

    Note: You can also visit 18200 Gift Shop, I sometimes sell some custom items and have special offers there!

    • Super Rare Items - e.g. Voter's Blocks, 80k armour, Original Dragon Eggs, many others! (items with limited existence)
    • Treasure Voucher (map)/Treasure Slip - The empty map version of the Treasure Voucher, and the paper version of the Treasure List!
    • Original Dragon Egg!
    PM me for more information! :)

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  2. Updated, broken, fixed :p

    In need of super rare items for 18200 museum! :)
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  3. What's the price?
  4. Looking in the region of 17k, but PM offer please as said :)
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  5. Vault Vouchers and Lucky Bows out of stock, however...

    Paying lots of rupees and trading Ore Busters for super rare items! :)
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  6. I just don't understand how you make so many rupees. Your a gold supporter and you get more rupee bonus than others but how do you have as much as you do?!:eek:
  7. Trust me, supporters don't make their riches off of daily bonuses. :p
  8. Ninja is right. I have only been supporter about three or four times I think, you may also think I make some money off of that and I do, but again, Ninja is right, most of my money and pretty much close to all of it comes from business. :)
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  9. Your offer for Dirt ticking tock and regular dragon poop
  10. I'm telling you, we just yell at staff until they give us free things. Have you noticed that most rich people either 1. Work really hard to earn what they have or 2. Have really powerful lungs? ;)
  11. Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock - Can be bought from senior staff, so there is an unlimited feed of these upon request, and I shall not be buying these
    Regular Dragon Poop - Currently not purchasing
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  12. It isn't about the money its about the love from EMC lol xD
  13. Added Miniboss Drops and Vouchers to the 'Trading' section :)
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  14. Did I see the buying section right you're looking for "Used" turkey slicers?
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  15. You saw correct :) Although, looking for only a 'couple of hits' used.
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  16. Why used if I may ask?
  17. You may. It is to actually use as a weapon. :D
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  18. Buying super are items! Trading also! :)
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  19. How much are you buying used turkey slicers for?
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  20. I bought Nether's for 8,000r, so I would buy one more for the same :) (Although, depends on durability, Nether's was one hit only)
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