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Will You Shop Here When It's Done?

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  1. Hello EMC! So, recently I have gotten a res on SMP4 and I plan to make a shop on there. This shop will be simple and not have everything my other shop will have. This shop will be called Trader's Outpost and will just be a cute village that sells most things you will need. There are many different buildings that will be added and are already added. Some of which will include:
    Scar's Hometown Cafe-Food
    Luna's Garden Centre-Nature
    Music Shop-Music Items
    Dimensional Shop-Nether and End
    Sorcerer's Magic Shop-Enchantment Books
    Carpet World-Wool, Glass, Carpet, Dyes
    Decor Emporium-Decorations
    Pet Shop-Spawn Eggs
    Minery-Tools, Weapons, and Mining Essentials
    I hope you will all visit sometime and you can donate if you want. Just use /v +TO to get there! I hope you like it! :D
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