New Shop to Open In 2016

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  1. Hello EMC. Hope you're doing well :D
    I am currently working on a shop that I hope will be open by 2016. It is going to be huge and will include a total of 12 floors each being its own category and having its own colour. If you would like to help, just head over to the shop and donate! Or you can just sit back and watch the shop progress. Currently, I only have 4 more floors to build, then I stock. If you sell bulk materials, please PM me! You can check it out at /v +Scar. Let me know what you think and hopefully you all like it :p
    Categories in the shop:
    Red Floor-Building Blocks
    Orange Floor-Valuables
    Yellow Floor-Glass, Dyes, and Wool
    Lime Green Floor-Nature Items
    Green Floor-Tools and Weapons
    Light Blue Floor-Potions
    Blue Floor-Armour
    Cyan Floor-Food
    Pink Floor-Redstone
    Purple Floor-Decor
    Magenta Floor-Enchantment Books
    White Floor-Misc.
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