tpa on emc, lets ask aikar (or kryssy)

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emc has tpa t or f

true, tpa should be on the empire 0 vote(s) 0.0%
false, tpa should not be on the empire 10 vote(s) 90.9%
idc :p 1 vote(s) 9.1%
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  1. I've been wondering, should tpa be on this server! do you think so?
  2. No. Teleporting to other players should not happen. We are a survival based server. There is no teleportation in survival without cheats. Players would use this to travel long distances very easily.
  3. I gotta agree with WitherDoggie, we are a survival based server
  4. This is a semi legit server(in term of player progress) tpa would just ruin the fun
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  5. No TPA, It would break so many concepts on emc, and break many events as well...

    TPA in overall will not work in any way, shape or forum....

    We already have TPing to Reses, and soon will be able to TP to claimed outposts....
  6. If I remember correctly, there is supposed to be a limited form of tpa in Empires, but only to link player outposts to town, unless that idea was nixed.. I do not know anymore, I stop following progress on upcoming things after about 2 years.. :p
  7. oh man tpa would be soo kewl geez I guess aikar would be like

    "meg joined everyone target the hate to meg so he cant have friends and he is not welcome on the empire gawd"
  8. First of all, Aikar would never say anything like that. Secondly, you don't have to be upset that the community doesn't like your suggestion. EMC is just not the place for the ability to teleport to players.
  9. Please no. This is a vanilla server, well, semi vanilla. TPA would ruin this aspect, even though it is in CREATIVE mode. While this is a SURVIVAL mode server. With no command cheats.

    TPA would not make this server fun, it would make it entirely annoying.

    lol, I wish it was like that, so no one would be on the server :p

    Don't feel bad about this suggestion not going through. Though it does have a ton of flaws in it.
  10. +1 when i was playing it was so boring to run to my friends, this is an idea i love and will support until it gets accepted
  11. Closed due to repeat suggestion already addressed.
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