[TPA] (Not tp unless mod or higher)

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Please Reply to tell me if you like it or not and tell me the reasons

Yes 3 vote(s) 11.5%
No 23 vote(s) 88.5%
  1. I think we should have tpa becuase if you die and your friend is still there you shouls be able to tpa to them like others servers do
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  2. No, then its not fun.
  3. Isnt this pretty much teleporting?
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  4. It is.
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  5. Then it should not be allowed. Thats the whole point of being in the wild, you can die there. And tp should be used only for mods and above to help players that are in need of it
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  6. You still like the post lol
  7. Aw coachy... That would completely take the survival aspect away. Isn't teleporting in town enough?
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  8. Yes. EMC is legit survival.
  9. He likes everything :p
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  10. Well, we all have opinons, and we should all value them. :p
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  11. The EMC wild is 99.99% vanilla. Teleporting will and should not be added.
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  12. That. ;)
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  13. It will be declined. On every server but this one, you can warp to safety from anywhere. That's why you have to be in a safe zone first on this one. It's boring. It adds some challenge. Rei's Minimap is good enough. You traveled that far once, you can do it again. And if you die, your stuff will still be there, you just need to do a little traveling.
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  14. Just take risks. It's fun. You'll see.
  15. I would say we should have TPA but it could be a feature for gold or diamond supporters.
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  16. But its taking away the whole point of survival
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  17. you have a full keyboard, use it.
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  18. Like uglydragon said, it would ruin the survival point.
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  19. Are you sure it 99.9% ? With locked chests
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  20. Thats to prevent griefing
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