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  1. There should be a /sethome command for the wild so some people don't have to walk four kilometers to your base through a monster infested underground tunnel with lava and blown up parts in ravines, and a /spawn command in the wild for the same reason. Also /tpa would be a good idea for the same reason. Zombie pigs are too mob-like in the Nether. I accidentally poked one, and 5 minutes later, I went to the Portal. I was them mobbed by 10 other pig-men.
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  2. No. Vanilla survival = ruined.
  3. Wont happen. Although some people may want the command it isn't fair for you to go mining for emeralds tp to town drop off back to them etc

    And just disconnect/reconnect for the zombie pigmen, and how did you 'poke' one you either hit or didn't.
  4. No. People would abuse it, it takes away the vanilla feel, and only factions servers use it.
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  5. Don't hit pigmen unless you are 100% sure you can handle more of them.
  6. If you're so annoyed with manually walking, why don't you go out 1,000 blocks, dig down, make a tunnel, fit it out with rails, and ride it to your base? You could do it through the Nether to get there 8 times faster.
  7. Or get Control Pack and have auto walk??
  8. haxxxxxxx
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  9. sorry not happening
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