Town Spawns

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  1. Some things bother me about town spawns:
    1. This:
    2. Unnecessary builds:
      1. The builds server no purpose
      2. They get in the way
      3. Most of them are useless
    I think it would be better if they are built and then removed after the fun has died down, but not just there forever.
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  2. It will be removed
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  3. How do you know...
  4. In the first picture, at the end of the most left arrow, there actually is a glass block missing...
  5. Have faith in SS and Build Team.
  6. Well, the donation hoppers have been there forever... I'm not sure if they plan on getting rid of them anyway :)

    Usually the unnecessary things are gone, though two things I do remember them keeping are the SMP8 marriage squids and the SMP3 donation hoppers... The squids make sense as SMP8 is still silly and crazy (sorry ;)) but the SMP3 donation hoppers just seem to be filled with dirt all the time now so I can see where you're coming from - the donation hoppers there used to be much smaller too, it does seem a bit big now!
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  7. The first picture might be fixed, but I can not make that call.

    The donation hoppers is used for members to empty their old items and sell them ( I think some one threw a DC of Sugar in them... ), so I do not think that will be removed as said by FDNY21. :)