Town Sections on each SMP

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  1. no not Wastelands or Frontier, THE TOWN ok why not Sections controlled by the staff.

    The staff would have the ability to create extra rules

    AKA more rules.

    TSMs or Town Section Mayors can create prisons and mini games and can also hire random players.
    aswell as shops.
  2. This just wouldn't work. If there were different rules per different section, nobody would remember them. This would make things WAY too complicated. A universal set of rules for the entire server works just fine.
  3. why not remove the custom rule aspect
  4. Without the rules aspect, it sounds like a lot of this is already a thing.
    • We will have / partially have Empires
      • Go out into the wild and control land. If you want to do wat 72Volt or Volt72 tried to do but actually succeed :p, then go ahead.
    • You can currently make minigames and prisons on your residence.
    • You can also hire people
  5. and make shops
  6. Missed that part. Whoops
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  7. He's saying basically like interactive amusement parks run by the staff. Essentially, it's the games server which is already in the works.
    He's talking about (or so I highly assume from his wording 'ran by staff') minigames that are actually coded and do more than what simple redstone mechanics can do. Probably things among the likes of skywars, hunger games, etc.
    Not contractually. You can't hire people on an hourly rate and make sure they're working at a certain speed the whole time without watching them so much you may as well do the job yourself.

    I don't agree with the way this idea is setup. The idea is good, but the way it's presented doesn't belong on EMC.