Town Expansion

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  1. mmm seems like town expansion has been placed on hold... Is it going to be finished anytime soon?
  2. Moved question to its own thread as it was off topic.

    Not directly, but krysyy has been busy and they were waiting on me for a part to finish it, which I did recently deliver, but they haven't had time to restart the process.

    Its just always a case of too little time.
  3. So is Krysyy time worst then your time?
  4. I will have you know that I manually added one ring around utopia (sans macros) before learning the stuff Aikar needed to fix. He then fixed it, but was working on 1.8 as a priority.

    My time is a lot faster that Aikar time when I don't have things going on in my life. We finally found a place to move to, my work is a little hectic, and most of Senior Staff have been preoccupied with their own stuff. Now that Aikar fixed what needed fixing, we just need to get async worldedit up to date (thanks to the 1.8 update), then we can start pasting in the new residences from the template.
  5. Dear lord. Is KrysyyTime gonna join the Empire, like AikarTime?
  6. >_> i was only kidding.
    [Edit] -plays really soothing music- Go back to sleep little dragon >_>
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  7. Lol you woke the dragon.:rolleyes:
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  8. Yeah, it's Tomb's gone now. It self destructs when it leaves it. Oh well, I guess Sheep Tombs will do...
  9. I posted this comment in the May Update thread because there was no update for it. I do not think it was off topic.
  10. if we used those threads as a place to ask about every idea/project EMC is working on/started, then the threads would be a disaster.

    the thread is meant to discuss the things it mentions, not the things it doesn't mention, unless there was some reasonable expectation to see a specific item listed in the topic yet it wasn't, then yeah you could ask. But there was no reason to expect an update about town expansion in that thread.
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