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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Herbrin3, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. I have reported and ignored 10 players in the past 2 hours on SMP9 - for SHOUTING, spamming, swearing, and accusing other players of stealing/griefing.

    In each case, I asked them politely to stop.

    In each case, I reported, and ignored.

    None have been kicked.

    I keep asking mods to *please* do something.

    If just one or two had been kicked, the rest would likely have never done the same thing.

    But my /reports seem to vanish into a black hole.

    Yes, yes, I can and will /ignore them. But, the fact that this is an endemic problem, and no action is being taken to make things more pleasant, makes me very frustrated.

    EMC is about community. I want to enjoy nice, polite town chat. I do not want constant spam, shouting, swearing and insults. Ignore is not the solution. A few swift kicks is the solution.

    Please start enforcing the rules.

    Occasionally, a mod will be around, and will kick someone. It has a massive effect on others; it's great.

    But that happens once every few days. The spam/swearing/ALLCAPS happens every five minutes.
  2. I agree. I notice the same thing on SMP1, and SMP5.
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  3. I remember back in April. Every time somebody swore, spammed, etc. a mod would kick/ban them from Square all the time. I haven't seen a kick for 2 weeks, and I haven't seen a ban since 2 weeks after I joined. I understand all the mods have RL to tend to, but you guys have done it before, so you can do it again. :)
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  4. I know right....
  5. Again, this is also an issue that has not been dealth with much. In fact, it is a long time problem for EMC, and large servers in general. It is just that people, mainly new people, do it all the time, since they see they can get away with it. I would make a comparsion to our pathetic US jail system, but then people would start raging about human rights and crap. XD
  6. Smp2 chat is filled with beggers :confused:
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  7. I've actually seen 3 bans in the past two days. Sometimes, the mods may be too busy to notice these things; after all, big things are happening behind the scenes. :p I have no complaints because I've seen mods doing their job. That's only my opinion and my experience. :)
  8. don't forget, SMP2-4, and SMP6-9 oh... and don't forget to add that the new ones keep hopping on utopia and begging for RUPIEEEZZZ because they are broke. i swear, i have 85 people on my ignore list. can you believe that?! 85! .... i'm freaking sick of nothing happening, and they just tell us to ignore them. well, i don't think i pay 20$ a month to be annoyed constantly. it needs dealt with. not this, just ignore them crap.
    /rant end.
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  9. Mostly the ones who spam/swear/ALLCAPS are the ones that always used to play singleplayer, no matter what type of game really. I know these people ALL too well... I had an IRL friend once. He always used to play MC singleplayer, so I invited him to a friendly server. He constantly stole stuff, griefed, and spammed the server. Why? BECAUSE he was always playing singleplayer. They think like singleplayer. "It's MY world. I'm boss. Finder's keepers." We need some mods that can hopefully try to "guard" each server. I'm NOT trying to say that I'm perfect for this, but take for example me. I play at SMP8 pretty much ALL the time. I see this happening pretty much ALL the time. I could've dealt with it. I think we're short on mods that can sweep the servers for spammers..
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  10. Come to utopia we have cookies
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  11. /ignore. nuff said.
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  12. The point of this thread is that we shouldnt have to. Its the responsiblties on a Moderator to do these things, not the player.
  13. I think they're stating the point that they are tired of ignoring so many people. They feel the problem would be solved if a few of the accused were kicked as warnings. That way, the others who MAY do it see someone got kicked and think better.
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  14. What does a kick do? You can just get right back on. No, we need hour bans and such. Ya, they may need warning, but dont just constantly kciking people doesnt do anything.
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  15. A a warning. is though. If you saw someone kicked for doing something you were JUST about to do, would you still do it?
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  16. Live in the wild, problem solved.
  17. If one person is kicked, others see that they were kicked, and don't do the same thing.
    It works. I have seen it work, on the very few occasions when mods kick.
    It is a very effective way of reducing the problem; if people know they may be kicked, they don't spam/shout/beg/swear.

    When the same people see others contantly spamming/shouting/begging/swearing/insulting, and they see that mods do nothing about it, they think it's OK too.
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  18. really? clearly you have more tolerance for immaturity than i do.

    get griefed/someone finds your base/lock items constantly/hide your tracks/have to limit your creative side so you can stay hidden. problem not solved.
  19. Dig 3 blocks down, put a block of dirt above you. Problem solved.;)
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  20. /ch off
    Bam, i just blew your minds....
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