Top Shop Contest!

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I was just looking through lots of different shops and many peoople want to know,"Where can I find the best shop in the Empire?"
    In this contest put in you're entry for Top Shop, we will Then see if your shop qualifys for voting.
    Voting will start on a different thread(I'll give url)
    The person with the most votes in 1 day wins 2000r! Entry Application,
    Minecraft name:
    Shop description:

    Voting Begins In 2 days, I will post url for voting in this text.
  2. Minecraft IGN: twinchicken86
    Server: SMP6
    Lot: 12102
    Shop description:
    Nice general store, all of my items for sale. Lots of farming stuff too. The shop is going to get renovated soon, and will look WAAAAAY better then it does right now. Between today and tomorrow, I can probably put in the glass and get the second floor up and running.
  3. Minecraft name: BobTheTomato9798
    Server(Smp?): smp4
    Lot# 8017
    Shop description: A shop made from only materials from the nether and the end
  4. Angangg
    A shop with most of your needs, most things lower than average.
  5. Seriously?
  6. Well it's ok, my contest it's a bit delayed and has another oranization, just for the next time try using the search bar up there :p
  7. Well its a matter of opinion but a lot of people seem to like my shop.
    lots of items people want/need
  8. R0bbie Jo's shop would beat u all
  9. There are many shops is the Empire.
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  10. Minecraft name: doobadooba
    Server: smp6
    Lot: 12093
    Shop description: I pretty new shop with a lot of VERY cheap items ( 64 sugarcane one rupee) but its often out of stock