Top 5 real world reasons to play more EMC

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  1. This post is going to outline the HEALTH benefits and pros as to why you should play more EMC and do less of other stuff. Well... mainly its going to be why you should do less of other stuff to make more time for EMC.

    Lets start with number five: When you are playing EMC you consume less sugar as your brain is distracted from craving or hunger. Sugar has hundreds of horrible side effects and draw backs and less is definitely more. From diabetes to digestive problems to degenerative neurological disorders. EMC will keep you slimmer, healthier and smarter, right on EMC.

    Number four: EMC has a diverse community of people from different ages, genders and geographical backgrounds with a wide range of cultural differences. Cultivation of tolerance and acceptance, empathy and compassion are prized in "cultured" communities. Less hate, more love.

    Number three: You do less homework. I'm gonna get pounded on here judging by all the armchair phd's I have seen roaming the forums. How is less homework better for you? You will understand later in life, many benefits can come from separating yourself from monotonous, unproductive and manipulative indoctrination. How many tin foil hat comments can one get?

    Number two: Facebook will cease to exist if we all play EMC. Facebook is filled with very disgusting imagery and propaganda. The worst of the worst of course being that hideous white and gold dress that only proves the facebook propaganda not only exists but is very very powerful. If you are young and have made it this far in the post(for one congratulations for being 1/1000 with an attention span of any sort) try to limit your facebook nonsense to messaging your friends and as it has ALWAYS been on the internet, regardless of the nonsense spouted today: privacy is safety is anonymity. Don't use your real name or post pics of your kids. There is weirdos on facebook. more so than any other site ever created, google it :p

    Number one: The bane of the modern man was adopted as a social norm in the 1920's and a wonderful tool came to maturity in the 1990's that will soon destroy it forever. The former being the tell-lie-vision or the boob-tube(that means stupid box, not scantily clad bosoms) the latter being the glorious and wonderful internet. Of course, EMC operates within the realm of the majestic and wonderful internet and the more time you spend on EMC, the less time you let that light box eat your brain. Being creative, social and intellectually engaged instead of devouring nonsense, immorality and constant lies will not only make you a better person but the lack of stress caused by the fear mongering hollywood machine will actually make you live longer.

    Now EMC is not the end all be all diet/exercise regimen but is definitely better than many alternatives and as with anything, everything in moderation. Please take time every once in a while to visit that mythological creature they used to call the sun and we now refer to as... not the computer screen. Also eat plenty of leafy greens, no matter how yucky they look they will help keep you from getting all sorts of very painful and deadly diseases XD.

    Compassion, understanding, peace and life to all my fellow forum warriors. May the straw man arguments commence!
  2. cool.
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  3. This is without a doubt one of the most amazing threads I've ever seen on the forums. :D

    (Might I add it was very well written as well)
  4. Or you could like go outside...
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  5. While I agree with some of your other comments, I am obligated to remind everyone on here that you should ALWAYS do your homework. If EMC or any game is ever becoming such a large part of your life that you neglect your schoolwork or real world obligations, you might have an addiction and should limit yourself.

    If you ever need help with an addiction to the game itself, I and other staff will do tempbans by request so that you are not tempted (minimum period of a day). Yes this sounds a little off. Why would an admin of the server be telling you that playing all the time is not necessarily a good thing? The reason is that we care about you all. Neglecting schoolwork/real life WILL catch up to you and we want you to do your best so that you can play on EMC without feeling guilty about it.
  6. cowland123, it sounds like you need a healthy dose of EMC to cure delusions of grandeur outside of the server XD kidding of course. Outside is great, just smells weird sometimes unlike EMC haha.

    *blush* Thank you!

    You wear tin foil hats too?
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  7. Did you all know that one of the motivational factors for the first ever multiplayer games in history was to stave off starvation through rationing food? One day they would eat, the next day they would play games, the next eat and so on. Saved a whole civilization. EMC CAN END WORLD HUNGER! lmbo
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  8. I just find emc is good to get away from real life problems and helps me to relax and forget about life. Not sure what I'd do without it :)
  9. Only on certain days =P
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  10. The internet is both the greatest tool ever created, and the most deadly weapon ever devised. It is basically the only thing invented by mankind that we do not fully understand. It is our greatest experiment into anarchy.
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  11. Mankind has invented many things we don't understand. Beyond that, agreed fully... except: the USA was SUPPOSED to be the greatest expirement into anarchy on a large scale. Constitutional republic doesn't mean centralized democracy of corporate conglomerates as it is largely accepted by a majority of society. Anarchy is self governance and our founding documents claim that the people are the soveriegn of our nation. Distinguishing the two is mild semantics :) EMC has several "anarchist" or "self governing" communities. In all reality, it doesn't matter where you live you live in anarchy. Only when force/coersion is introduced by an outside or "governing" force do you stray from the norm, or stray from anarchy. Political education: another good reason to play EMC. Not referring to this post but to the numerous types of politics seen throughout EMC, from outposts, to the town to the forums :) communities are cool bruh.

    Edit: here it is
  12. Seems legit...
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  13. I would have to say my top 5 are:

    1. Less time spent drinking.
    2. Less time spent smoking.
    3. Less time spent cussing.
    4. Less time spent spitting.
    5. Less time spent womanizing. This one I do kinda miss when I think about.

    Gtg, mining for diamonds. My precious.
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  14. lol. But sometimes I do my homework while playing emc =D
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  15. Omg I freaking love this XD
  16. How does EMC keep you healthy?
  17. i like anything thats over 3 paragraphs so LIKE!
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  18. oh reading comprehension, that's a good one that emc helps with. Good point theo :D lol
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  19. Are you connecting the freedom of communication, expression and speech ... - with anarchy?
    That's very interesting!

    One of my top reasons: see how (mostly young) people from different countries think about themselves and how they treat other people.
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