Too Many Rupees In The Economy

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  1. So I just voted for the 50th day in a row and I got over 26k in a matter of seconds! In my opinion, that's too many rupees for voting and basically like a nation printing loads of money. It creates hyperinflation and I feel that it is causing some issues with the economy. I start to ask, what's really backing this money?

    Everyone in the Empire can easily become rich without much effort, and once they are rich, a few things happen:
    • Prices go up, such as we are notably seeing with diamonds and other items.
    • Labour is hard to find. Nobody needs money, so they don't have an incentive to work for it.
    • There is very little incentive for someone to offer a product or service for less. This has led to situations where mega-malls can easily dominate the market and nobody bothers looking for cheaper shops or suppliers.
    • Less motivation to establish new and creative businesses or more shops because you already have more than enough money.
    • Ultimately, when there is no real challenge and everything comes easy, the game is not as much fun. The rupees you have don't mean much because you always have enough.
    These are obviously all negative effects that we don't want. I had some ideas:
    • I think the rupee bonuses for daily streaks could be at least cut in half. 13k would have been just as motivating to me.
    • Raffles and draws. Each person buys tickets or can get them for voting, and at the end of each day, week, month, there is a prize draw. There are many variations on this, but perhaps:
      • 20% of daily pool goes out daily.
      • 15% of weekly pool goes out weekly.
      • 10% of monthly pool goes out monthly. Plus some sort of rare.
      • 55% remains with the empire.
    • Some deals at the /shop for certain items. Such as the Ore Buster or similar. For the best results, the deals should change often and/or be items which are really hard or impossible to obtain naturally.
    • Property tax. Maybe 10r/day or something small to hold onto extra residences
    • Sell max res vouchers (for a lot of rupees), anti-derelict, etc.
    • Really rich players could buy the ability to establish wilderness outposts or such.
    • Activities and challenges that cost rupees.
    I know some of the suggestions might not be liked, and it's not important what ideas are implemented. The point is, find more ways to spend rupees to get them out of the system and give them more value.
  2. +1. Well thought out.
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  3. I agree 101%
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  4. +1 all the way!
  5. I personally like the idea of a lottery where 1.2 million is payed in, but the prize is 1 million. Make the tickets 500-1000r per, throw it in with /r, and there will for sure be a rupee drain. Heck even if there was no set payout, make it a dynamic lottery with a 5:6 payout. The higher it gets, the more excited people get, the more rupees are thrown away.

    Maybe there could be a tool name coloring service? It would color just the name of the tool, and it would not be allowed on promos or any unique items.
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  6. Really rich players should not get abilities to establish outposts.


    Because it would cause disaster.

    Just because someone's rich doesn't mean they should have the abilities of Admin and Senior Staff.


    Really rich players should not be able to auto-establish without consent of staff...
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  7. I do not agree wiat all your propsitions Azoundria, but i agree that there should be more rupees sinks.

    Activities and challenges - thats what tokens are for, only if you could buy something for them....

    I am still waiting for town jobs board ....

    Making a mall isn't hard, harder is keeping the mall supplied ...
  8. How exactly would it cause disaster? :confused:

    Lol? I never knew there is a way to acquire Admin/Senior Staff abilities by being rich (thus paying for it, is what you meant?)
  9. I was really just tossing out as many ideas as possible, some will work out and some wont. If you can help me understand how that idea would be a disaster that would be good. People right now can start to claim areas of the wilderness for themselves, for better or worse, and this would simply be a way for players to go between town and those areas much faster. Obviously the actual outpost would be established with help from mods or admins so no rich player actually gets the ability to have that power directly, and probably go for somewhere around 100M rupees, a price-point which likely only a few players even have. So it certainly wouldn't be a free for all, and there certainly wouldn't be outposts popping up all over the place. They wouldn't be allowed to be near any existing outposts or settlements, rather thousands of blocks away. I'm trying to see the problem, and maybe I'm missing something pretty big. It is pretty late here. But it does seem like having a goal like this which only a few players can manage to achieve but everyone can strive for would be a really good thing for the community because it would encourage everyone to want more rupees and be more engaged.

    I don't even think I agree with all my ideas. It was just to get a discussion started around the central issue of how to create a balanced economy which has a decent level of inflation.

    And of course I would approve of a job board. If players could have a resume that would be even more ideal. :p
  10. Somebody get 72Volt and bring him here.
  11. -1.
    • If there is property tax and we have no rupees, we will owe rupees. And even if you implemented a way to not have to take taxes when we have 0 rupees, we would STILL owe taxes.
    • Rich people shouldn't be able to buy outposts, especially when in the future they are going to make it possible for everyone. The only way I would see this working is if the day before the update supporters are allowed to buy outposts or something.
    • I have even suggested activities and challenges such as EMC Weekly Challenges, so this isn't a bad idea.
    • It takes a satisfying effort to become rich on this servers. While mega malls may not seem hard for you to make, supplying them is the toughest part.
    Just my two cents.
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  12. I can help you with your problem...
    Just give your extra rupees #rupeesink :)
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  13. Well, good but the property tax=bad. This needs to be fun. Real life has bills. I hate bills.
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  14. Interestingly. The residence plugin originally charged rent to own residences.

    When I see this thread; here is my solution. Automatically destroy 100,000 rupees at random every day from random players' accounts.
  15. -1. I remember a while ago Aikar actually had a poll for inflation. He WANTED inflation. Why? Well, some resources have a ridiculously low price. (*cough*IRONFARMS*cough*) This lowered the value of the economy a lot, so his solution was to inflate the economy by either 1000% or 2500%. The final idea was that it would happen in stages, I believe. I'd think that voting was one of those stages.
  16. Anyone is free to setup a outpost or a wild community on Emc. It's a player's right do so doesn't matter if only have 3r or million rupees. If your unhappy with player who established a base and you're part of it just leave it's plain and simple for both parties.
  17. Not sure how I feel about this, my only income is by voting. I don't like selling stuff, I don't like the idea of making a shop and keeping it running. My vote money allows me to get the items I need to continue playing as I like. Besides not everyone votes and those that do vote may not vote on all sites. The rupee pay out is to encourage people to vote for the Empire so it continues to receive a high rank so it can attract new players.

    So that is a -1 until you remove: the reduced rupee bonus, property tax and activities that cost rupees. Events need to be free so new players can have fun too. My son doesn't have a lot of rupees and he doesn't care, he likes to mess around in town and have a blast doing it. Why should he not be allowed to do stuff because he doesn't have the rupees to cover it? Everything else is great.
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  18. I love the voting bonus rupees. I think it is a great incentive to vote and keep voting and not miss days. I have not noticed inflation in the things I purchase regularly from shops. In fact I think the prices are very stable. The only items that seem to really go up in price are promos as they get older and I believe this is because they become more rare. If you don't like getting voting bonus rupees, don't vote. Why try to take them away from everyone else?
  19. -0.5, outpost will be protected by tokens, and property fees seem a little too much if you don't have any rupees. Ex: Having -1,000 balance...