Tokens for wilderness security

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  1. I've been thinking about this for a bit
    But I really think that our secondary currency, tokens, should be used to lock chests and (maybe) even secure areas of land.

    My ideas are
    To lock a chest : You do the normal [ LOCKED ] and list up to 3 players on the list, and afterward, a message will pop up "How do you want to make your payment?" and you can pay with either /lock confirm r (drains 1000 rupees or whatever the number is) or /lock confirm t (drains 250 tokens, or another number like that) If you don't pay in 30 seconds the sign will drop and the chest will not be locked.

    Claiming land?
    Before I start...
    Can someone answer this question?
    Why do we have no wilderness protection in the first place? I personally think that it's not really worth long walks to get to the base just so that you're "safe" I've been out there, and even a base less than 5000 blocks from spawn has still been looted. Rules and ban threats won't stop any players from what I have seen.

    Claiming land would probably be something along the lines of...
    Each block claimed would be 1-5 tokens each. The claims would Not reach all the way down to bedrock (mining would be an annoyance) rather, 10 blocks down from layer the player claiming land is standing on.

    In the Wastelands, the maximum any player can claim will always be 64 blocks, enough to make an 8x8 space, in order to make it as mine-able as possible, while still giving players room to make a base for their resource gathering operations.

    In the frontier, land claiming is unlimited, provided you have enough land reserves to claim the land.
    (Yes, unclaim ability should be inserted as well)
    This is the part where you guys can take it away :p
    My initial idea was ; defaults can have 750 blocks to claim, and each supporter rank up can get 250 extra blocks. However, 750 isn't very big...
    Basically, there should be enough space to be comfortable, but not enough to abuse, because I know people are going to then claim land around diamonds, structures that aren't claimed, natural generation (monuments, etc) maybe more would be allowed through time (extra 200 blocks for every 100 days on EMC? ) or maybe earned as voting streak rewards (Every 10 streak points = 100 extra blocks?)

    Anyways, that's just an idea. I would really love to settle in the wilderness but distance and threat of getting looted have kept me back since day 1. (And I have 1561 days...)

    Put opinions down below please! :D

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  2. The reason tokens exist in the first place is that they are intended as a currency to claim land in the wild. This will be called "empires" and will *apparently* be coming soon (Aikar time).

    I do like the additional idea of using tokens to claim chests, though.
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  3. Answer to your question: it's not that no one thought about that before, we just don't have wilderness protection YET. That's the whole idea with the coming empire updates, claiming and protecting land in the frontier with tokens. The wastelands won't be claimable though, as they are temporary worlds. Chests are already lockable with rupees.

    EDIT: And how do you claim land around diamonds?? Diamonds are everywhere, the problem is finding them. And once you do they're yours to take anyway.
  4. I'd say mostly to be a troll, just a random thing in my head because as someone who loves mining, ores that aren't able to be mined because they are in undiggable territory bug me a lot. I didn't mean it super-seriously though :p
  5. There would be no problem at all with it. You claimed the land so you own everything inside it, and no one should be mining there (and they won't, as only members of the outpost will be able to place/destroy blocks inside protected land).
  6. Also, from what I gather from this post it would seem that land / griefing protection is going to be free of charge. As to using tokens for locking chests and such.. I'm not too sure about that. Tokens are said to be a special, personal, currency and locking chests doesn't really add up to this.

    Besides; if you're short on change then simply /vote on all sites; bags you an easy 1k.