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  1. Hey Community,
    Ever since I made that post about creating a build team, we have received a large number of entries. We are excited to announce that last night (and into the morning), we poured over each entry and now have our team!

    Please welcome in no particular order, the Build Team of Empire Minecraft:

    These select individuals will be working closely with the staff to design the new tutorial as well as some other projects coming soon. I can't wait to get started!

    Please know that we're still pending a few submissions.

    For those builders that are also part of the Contributor Team, your new title will not show underneath your name, but it is there (just invisible).
    FIRST. ;)
  2. Can we build it?
    YES WE CAN!!! :)
  3. ninja'd by krysyy
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  4. Congrats, guys! Cannot wait to see what you guys create.
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  5. Congrats to all the builders who got through.
  6. I would have really liked to help, but I didn't know about this until just now.

    Congratulations to those who made it!
  7. congratz all :D

    same :/ but I'm no where near as good as them :p
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  8. Congrats everyone! =)
  9. In case anyone was wondering what I submitted, here it is not
  10. ...
  11. Don't disappoint me or your access to stage will be GONE
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  12. Stop leaking tutorial pics nick :(
  13. O_O wow...
  14. it'll have to be renamed melonorial if that's the pic
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  15. How long ago was this Build Team thing started taking submissions and such? I never knew until now :/
  16. .... Like when was the last time you got outside?
  17. Well shoot.
    Me working for eclipsys just meant I have a lot more workload xD
    Thanks boss :)
    EDIT- Gotta be that guy, Nick didn't make that melon thing.
    It's a architecture thing called origin of melon.
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  18. What is this "outside" you speak of? And how many rupees does it cost?
  19. Oh noes. A creepy melon guy is gonna kill the other builders D:
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