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  1. You know what grinds my gears more than anything than being banned from a server that I love, long work days, and of course worrying about college this coming up in August? If you briefly read the title above you get a gold star.

    The News.

    Feeling like a old person I am, every morning before I go to work and grab a cup of coffee and a bowl of cheerios, I turn to my local news broadcaster. I am picturing it right now, showing the traffic speeds along the interstates and highways of Denver. Then it goes right it news, where it doesn't sugar coat it. 86 people dead from maniac in a truck. Questions arise from Shell oil spill which dumped 90,000 gallons of crude into the gulf. 4 Forest fires burn across Colorado, Beaver Creek fire has burned 20,878 acres and no sign of it stopping. Military faction coop in Turkey causing havoc.

    Number 1:

    Face it people, we know that Radical Islamic Terrorists are out there and guess what, they want to destroy our way of living because they think it is wrong. Fact is that, no matter how many times you pray, hope, and dream of these attacks to never happen again, it will happen again because no action was followed nor created. The only news I got was this video stating the war against terrorism will be long. Ok, cool bud tell me Mr. President what is your initial action as president to deal with these Terrorists? Nothing ok, wasn't news to me just shut up. Your giving no sense of direction hence why another attack happened. Good job. Do something that can give your country that will assure your people to feel safe to go to events and particularly large public places.

    So, there were mixed messages. Here is the bone, people not facing the fact that Terrorists exist no matter what and there was no action done to prevent another attack.

    Number 2:

    On something that happened almost 2 months ago that was already bad enough for being a Oil Spill get's your mind thinking, "What have they done in the last 6 years to prevent such an accident sending oil into the Gulf of Mexico?" Obviously nothing because it happened again. Now, I am being hippocritical but after the BP oil spill why wasn't the EPA hounding on companies like Shell that operate in the gulf to make sure that equipment was satisfactory? Bothers the hell out of me.

    Number 3:

    Fires are common in the state I call home and I know the dangers, destruction, and benefits of fires. Some parts, beetle killed trees are a common sight and are kindling to a large Wildfire. But the best part is that the Lodgepole Pine that the beetle infects has a special pine cone which only opens in high heat. So, restricting fires are bad because it throws the biological sphere off it's pivoting axis. We has humans thought wildfires are bad and now we are in threat of these trees causing a massive fire that can't be stopped due to weather and standing match poles. The only thing I wish for people in Colorado that live in regions where Wildfires can occur need to know that risk and accept a fire might take their house.

    Number 4:

    Ah, another militant issue. Let's dig in shall we? Hmm, Turkey one of our allies and holds nuclear missiles and the military is trying to overthrow the government. Not only it affects us, it affects us in a large way. If this leader of the coup rises up, what will happen to those missiles? God help us all.


    I need another shot of bourbon my god this world we are in, we has humans the at least sane one are looking at this and saying, "What the actual hell is going on in this advanced world?" I need a break, may I have a one way trip to Mars please?
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  2. I honestly thought this was about the front page spam xD
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  3. wait were you banned from the server????
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  5. well that was before i started then i got u confused for foxywifu sorry
  6. the current leadership of turkey is not only a dictator but has expressly stated that hates that the iraq war (and the syrian...whatever it is) is pushing kurds into his borders, since 2003 turkey has essentially been an ally in nato only to receive the funding nato nations get. guess who came to power in 2002? guess who has stayed in power since then? guess who spent government money constructing a palace that is bigger and more expensive then the kremlin and the white house and buckingham palace combined? sure this will give nukes to military leaders...but those same military leaders have been in control of the nukes pretty much this whole time.

    calling turkey an ally of the west is similar to calling pakistan an ally (although pakistan has a better track record) its just....misinformed.

    as far as the france thing...well whats your solution then genius?
    the guy wasnt on any known watch list? he wasnt from or didnt visit any terrorist hotbeds. how exactly are we supposed to deal with islamic terrorism if they can come from anywhere? should we just send all muslims home? im sure that wont just breed more militants. tell me your awe inspiring solution or hush about how someone responds to tragedy.

    im so tired of people saying anyones response to grief is wrong even as a statesman. if you have a solution speak up otherwise you are just more white noise saying nothing important.
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  7. Chill...
    Now that has been an issue in America as well as France. That has in series of debates that have turned out nothing but to...
    Ah, yes thank you for answering that for me. No, we proved Isis is gaining militants overseas by the equipment you're using now in your home. The internet and a computer. Here is a solution that worked. Everyone knows about the Boston Bombing right? If not click here. Ok, well after that tragedy, most public events have multiple on duty police officers to stand guard to protect the people. Which they should, it is their job. What I have reviewed in this attack is that a Truck had the full intentions to slaughter as many people as he could. Now, how was that truck able to go on a street that was filled with people? Where were those officers to stop that Truck from doing what it did? My point exactly. There needs to be a heightened security in public events and public hotspots. Sure you can't protect everyone and the news and media are sure trigger happy to jump on a story like that. (For the cash)
  8. so you gave no solution, thought so. sending them home makes no sense and is a major violation of many constitutional rights and literally would stop nothing since you now have a concentrated amount of people you just kicked from their homes fed directly into the training camps of isis, al Qaeda, boko haram, hezbollah, and others. you basically just armed millions of insurgents.

    as far as more police presence how would that have stopped a truck from plowing into people? the guy was getting shot at the entire time almost but its a truck....should all officers be equipped with rpg's? should we have martial law all the time?
  9. Wtf, dude did I say send them home? No, do I think that is the right thing to do? No. Your point trying to think I am pulling off a Trump is asinine. I told more security in public events and public hotspots. Please read my post before ripping open another topic than my op stating that I hate seeing the bad news news and nothing is being done or taught.

    Jersey barriers? Checkpoints? Spike strips? If there are people in the streets for a large celebration like France's independence, it should be closed off to traffic other than foot traffic.
  10. This thread is locked because it's already resulting in insults and multiple reports. I've gone over this before and it has no place on the Empire Minecraft Forums.

    Rant on reddit if you feel the need to let off steam like this.
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