What Happened to Foxy?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ConductorConduit, Apr 10, 2016.

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  1. Hello Community,

    So if you check my information on forums and in game you can see something that you wouldn't expect. My LifeTime Exp is 0 and my account isn't online. Well there is a reason for that. I was banned for Illegal mods, now which one do you assume? I can hear all the UHC players "Kill Aura!" No it wasn't. The ban was issued because I was using X-Ray. Now you wonder, "Foxy, why did you use it?" Well, there is an upside to this downing moment in my minecraft times. It wasn't for personal gain but for my group that I was fighting for. I care for my friends the most and I used unnecessary means to get the better edge for them, which I know was wrong and shouldn't of used it.

    Now this is strictly for the members that were slain by me, I generally lost interest in pvp and my skill has tanked since then. I do it for the fun of winning and being as a group. I will gladly admit that you're probably better than me at pvp any day. I was lucky most of the times killing you.

    Now, I don't want your spiteful comments saying, "Omg Foxy you're a HACKER! I hate you for life!!" No I didn't make this thread for that. I am writing this to only say this...

    I am sorry community for letting you down and using external sources to gain a advantage for my friends. I may not undo the damage i've done but let me lend out my hook to say this, I hope you understand that even a old member like me makes silly mistakes like these.

  2. At least you are admitting to your wrong doings and not trying to lie about it to make people feel bad for you. People knowing the truth is important and can take some serious nerve to tell people the truth in some situations. Foxy I am disappointed that you have used X-ray (in uhc I'm guessing) but I'm willing to get over it because you have posted this. I hope you have learned from your mistakes and won't do it again...
  3. Which I totally understand why you're disappointed, I wanted to post this to make sure people understand other than make assumptions of what happened.
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  4. John Cenaaaaa!~!

    On a serious note: Appeal/wait/Replay/MinusTheModifications/Profit.

    EDIT: So that UHC Apple you have. Thus this thread. That item isn't obtained legitimately by X Ray means. Whats going to happen to that?
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  5. Well, I did appeal it has yet to be given a time.

    The UHC apple I've gotten will be incinerated when the next person gets theirs.
  6. i dont know you but you seem like a cool guy for writing this thread
  7. It means alot thank you
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  8. I didnt know you to well But we had talked befor... but

    Though Id Never do something like this my self I do understand why you did it

    I dont know if it means anything but i hold no grudge
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  9. Awh... Well, I don't participate in these UHC stuff since I'm not into PvP but... Yeah... Anyone would be disappointed when they realised you cheated. But that's not the point I'm replying. I'm actually happy that you dared to step up and confess your wrongdoing and also promising to not do it again. We make mistakes sometimes. We are victims to temptations sometimes, but it's the getting back from the guilt and start fresh that counts. It isn't that you're doing it for your personal gain either, as you've stated. You're doing it for the team. So, yeah. 1+ for your sacrifice, to ensure your team's victory and 1- for cheating, and also 1+ for confessing. Overall, 1+. I won't hold a grudge against you or anything and I'm sure everyone will forgive you for your mistake. XD
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  10. I only kinda know u but I'm glad u are being honest and not Hilary-ish :)
  11. I am not sure if kindling could have put it any better but good luck with the appeal!
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  12. I don't know you, but I've seen you post on many things....I would have expected more from a longer term member that was as active as I'd seen.....

    All I can say is this is very disappointing. You have actually done a lot of harm to the friends you say you were trying to help, as we will all wonder...hmm what else has he done to help his friends. Helping others by cheating is not a noble reason by any means. Your friends who should have guessed if they did not know are complicit in your actions, whether you intended them to be or not and will in my mind and others always have a shadow of doubt over them now.

    That said, the server has it's own rules for whether they forgive you or not. I do not offer forgiveness for your actions, nor do I feel it is right for me to do so as a party that is not directly harmed by your actions. I don't see how the reasons justify any of this. I do however offer you this....for the rest of your time, whatever that may be....on this server, I hope you strive to be a better person, to set the example and really think about the harm you have done to the members, your friends and the opponents you faced.

    In time, people will forget and not associate you and them with this, and that is perhaps what can be offered in lieu of forgiveness.

    I wish you the best, and hope you successfully reach that point.
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  13. People who use illegal mods on UHC shouldn't be banned on EMC, it is considered a separate server isn't it?
    Anyway, hope the ban gets lifted! Haven't really met you but you seem to be a very nice member. Best of luck!
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  14. The wiki says:
    But I for one think that it takes guts to post this for the community to see and even if you were banned for illegal mods you were trying to help your teammates and not for your personal advantages.
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  15. Quite honestly, I was expecting this kind of reply. All I can say at this point is yes, I know I did something that was awful and hurt players, I fully regret this decision of using mods. Now, this isn't me begging for forgiveness, it is your choice to forgive my mistake.
    You know, it was hard for ne to admit that I used them. Even posting this killed me... Thank you for replying.
  16. The only thing I'm surprised about is how long it took you to get caught. You and your team are the single reason I stopped attending the UHC events months ago.
  17. Well, now you can be assued that I will not be there anymore.
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  18. Damn foxy. I still like you, you just made a foolish mistake. But may I ask WHY YOU USED X-RAY? ;-;
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  20. As disappointing as this news can be, I have to respect the fact that you faced it head on. We can all sit here and tell you how wrong you were but you know what you did and you owned it. Hopefully you can get past thing and move in the right direction to get you back to this great community.

    Good luck to you :)
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