Today We Revive The Wilderness

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  1. When I joined, everyone was saying,"Lets go to the wild! Come on, lets go!"
    I miss those days. I remember mob hunting and mining with my friends in our old base, before we got griefed by ninga squad.
    Those were the golden days.
    EMC seems to follow the pattern of all great civilizations. Blah moments in the beginning, golden age I'm the middle, defeat/decline in the end.
    Today we change that pattern. We will not be defeated by griefers or decline by mega malls.
    We will stand strong.
    The griefers will grief, the spammers will spam, and the hackers will hack.
    Doesn't mean we still can't have fun.
    Sure, they ruin the game for a bit. But we have amazing staff, one of the best coders in the world of minecraft, and a amazing community.
    If those people spam, grief, or hack, they will be banned. They will be caught. They will not be given unlimited chances.
    Not in the empire.
    We've come too far just to be taken down by people who call us submissive sheep, or people who scam people even though they are rich already.
    We design plugins.
    The community constructs mods to enhance single player worlds.
    People can look to the community for support.
    This is an amazing community, and we can not afford to waste it.
    So here is a choice.
    Will you stand with us, or will you stand against us.
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  3. Precisely! I did take it from your post, I actually just copied and pasted my quote because I had the idea to do this!
    Come on people!
    Survival MULTIplayer. Not survival lets go play in a hole by ourselves player.
    For those who are wondering, the abbreviation for that would be slgpiahbop.
    Lets not play slgpiahbop!
    Lets play SMP!
    EMC is here for a reason!
    Come on people, we need to get the wild pumped up!
    The wild had the potential to be so much! Not just mining, entire communities!
    Ways to meet new people and make new friends!
    We are the people who can make this happen.
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  4. Wilderness bump
  5. There seem to be more wild communities now than I ever remember before. I don't know of an smp without one.
  6. True, but they are getting less and less members. LLO isn't gaining many people, paradise point has empty slots which have been empty for a while, same with wild reach. Less and less people are going to the wild. We need to get the wild back to how it was.
  7. Well lets go! :D
  8. :D Agreed. We must revive the wilderness.