Today I saw IcecreamCow IRL

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by JackBiggin, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Man, Didn't think he was that gordo :)
  2. First like! Yay I beat the rush of 50 more likes that I forsee coming :)
  3. Jack and his shenanigans
  4. he be butiful
  5. He's upside down. Jack what did you do to him?
  6. I saw that too.It's either in Edinburgh or somewhere in NY.
  7. I'd say Newcastle...
  8. Or maybe it was there.
  9. It's the udderbelly in Edinburgh and I think it's udderly amoozing.
  10. Mother of god.
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  11. From what I've seen, Jack likes banhammers a lot. Banhammers are presumably usable as a tool to flip ice cream cows upside down.
  12. That's my cousin. He ate that Willy Wonka bubble gum that blows you up into a giant blueberry.
  13. Woo once again got the first like from the 50 that are coming ;)
  14. What! I was within 20 miles of The JackBiggin! Nothing was mentioned on the local news.
  15. Probably because he looks like your average laptop. This AI knows how to cloak well.
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  16. Um no offense but it won't show it anyways. Right now it only says code ninja and jkjk... It's kinda akward sorry
  17. download.jpg
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