To the Anime fans among us

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  1. Good day fellow EMCians

    I want to talk about my current crave, well, second after Minecraft that is! :D

    I want to talk about Animes: Japanese Animated Shows/Movies

    I am a big fan of Anime and right now I am rewatching for the 3rd time the Sword Art Online series.

    Let's talk about our favorite shows which we want to share with everyone.

    I'll open up the spotlight for the 1st reply, then I'll dip in listing all my favs and my good memories.
  2. Watched One Piece as a kid with a friend and still do. It's a fun show, but takes some commitment to get through.
    Also when I was a kid a different friend watched Naruto with me at his place whenever it aired on TV. I never got into that one, so I don't remember anything about it.

    EDIT: My enjoyment towards One Piece is inconsequential to my liking of pirates, surprisingly. They sure do complement each other, though.
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    Chin & CD dared me

  4. I watched lots of shows growing up, but they were all pretty popular, like DBZ, so I don't think I need to talk about them. Instead I'll talk about some of my favorite less known (outside the anime realm) animes.

    First, one I consider a masterpiece: Code Geass. I don't even know how to describe the show, or rather how to talk about it without spoiling the plot, but if you like drama, intrigues and action go watch it right now. There're also supernatural powers and giant fighting robots, but that's not what the show's about :confused:. The end of the second season is mindbogglingly perfect.

    And then there's Steins Gate, a great sci fi show about time travel. It's not Dr. Who or Terminator kind of time travel though: it's about the little effects that altering the past can have on the present and how they can add up and drastically change the world. Lots of suspense and drama.

    This one is the best show from last year, One Punch Man. It's the story of a guy that trained so hard to be a super hero that, when he finally becomes one, he discovers that he could actually defeat any opponent with just one punch. No one is even close to being a match for him, so now he's totally bored and doesn't know what to do with his life. And despite being the strongest man in the world and having saved the earth countless times, no one even knows who he is, as other heroes often take credit for his work. Best comedy and action I've seen in a while.
  5. I bought the whole One Piece collection online after being recommended by a friend of mine. I clearly wasn't expecting a show with 700+ episodes in it. This is crazy lol. So far so good. I'm at episode 8 I think lol.. Couple more years to go haha.

    I have to completely agree on Code Geass. What an amazing show that was! There was another quite similar in essence: Death Note. That too was very good. Same kind of character: very intelligent and very self centered in the end. I won't ruin any punch on those.

    Attack of the Titan was also very amazing. Too short!
    Well, like I said in original post,
    Sword Art Online season 1 and 2 and Sword Art Online 2 is a must watch. I love that show so much.
    The Seven deadly sins, good and comical
    Part time Devil was also quite funny.
    hmm, there is so much more but I need to search thru my collection to remember them all.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion was my first big crush on animes.
    Dragon Ball Z was the first manga I read. Followed by Gunns.
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  6. ok I will restart my list here. This is the list of Anime I consider should be watched at least once:
    no order in that:

    Full Metal Alchemist
    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Eureka Seven
    Avatar (not the blue pandorians, the japanese monks!)
    One piece (I think, well so far so good)
    Deadman Wonderland
    Sword Art Online
    Death Note
    Ghost in the Shell
    FLCL (because its just too crazy! hurts the braincells)
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Claymore (that's a good one!)
    Attack on Titan
    Fate: Stay Night
    Fate: Zero
    Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
    Soul Eater

    I'm sure there is plenty more, but I just can't find them all. Claymore is a hard one to find, really worth watching.
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  7. I started watching One Piece in 2014 and I'm now following the weekly releases. I thought it was pretty good at first (up until ep 500), but then they start stretching the battle arcs more and more, to a point where the show is almost no longer enjoyable. The current arc is just now finishing, on its 106th episode - that's more than two years waiting for the end of one fight :confused:
  8. Wow.. 100 episodes for 1 fight? That's either really epic or just plain painful lol
  9. So I just tuned in on Netflix and went for the Originals.
    I found this new anime called
    AJIN: Demi-Human.
    It looks awesome. I just wanted to share my new find.

    it's a Computer Generated Imagery anime type. not the drawn on paper type.

    that's it, enjoy!

    Let's keep this thread up to share all our shows we find, I run out of Animes often so please keep this one busy!
  10. Talking about 3d anime, there's a pretty popular one out there called RWBY (how do you pronounce it, ruby?). Never watched it but I've read some positive reviews about it.
  11. Yes. It is a decent show. I watched the "movie" and it was great. I got to watch the tv show now
  12. As it turns out I like Anime, and the fun part is that I didn't realize it until I grew older. When looking back at my lifespan it becomes obvious that Japan left a huge impression on me (more than I'm willing to share btw).

    Anyway... Anime.

    You guys beat me to some punches: Neon Genesis Evangelion ("NGE") for sure. I like the character building, the way they portrait personal drama and the whole thing. With modern shows it seems to me as if some directors think that more action sequences = more likes. In a way I'm getting tired of those. When Rei crushed Gendo's glasses that was huge; but within context. Which made it more believable. Nowadays such a moment would probably translate in massive destruction or such.

    Avatar, so much Avatar. Not the Camaron rip-off (personal opinion) but the Nickleodeon series. Best parts? It has an ending, it has thought behind it (the series consists of 3 seasons; and the reasoning is simple: the 4th (Air nomads) had been wiped out) and even touches mature subjects in a fun way.

    I'm also addicted to Ghost in the Shell. Because in a way what you can see happening in that manga is already more or less coming true. Sure; not cyberbrains and such but at a smaller level. But still... The main idea is networks, people connecting to networks and get abused (compromised) because of it. I see parallels when looking at (for example) online advertisements. Websites getting connected through advertisements (unknown to the public) and sharing the whole burden when stuff goes wrong.

    I think I'll refrain from going on; otherwise you'd be looking at another essay here ;)
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  13. Well, I have a surprise for you: Avatar doesn't end with the Book of fire. There's another whole series after it, called Avatar: the legend of Korra, that follows the next avatar who is born after Aang dies. I think the series is just as good as the first one, but in a different, more mature way. You get to see how the world changed because of the peace between the nations, some old characters make a cameo here and there, and lots of new interesting concepts are introduced. Also, it has an awesome ending. Definitely worth a watch (and a re-watch in my case :)).
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  14. I got an anime ad while viewing this thread. How...
  15. Lol me too hahahha. Thanks freaking Google! Get out my boxers! I don't want you to know when I go pee!

    Hey Google, I thought we were good friends, I guess you told ALL my secrets to the bad companies.. Now they keep bullying me and I can't stop them sending me spam mails!!

    ...well... Such is life. The second you type anything, google shared it.. Deal with it! Lol. *crawl in a ball and cries out loud*
  16. Naruto (manga/show/movies) (sad it's over :() - Bleach - Salior Moon - Avatar (Aang/Korra) - Attack of Titans

    I'm sure there are many more I've seen, just can't remember them (or their names are "No Go something something"):p
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  17. "No Go 'Merican 'Nime!" :p
  18. Sooo, we did cover lots of anime series. Now let's chat a little about movies?

    Studio Ghibli anyone? So many great movies came out of there, the 2 I adore the most are

    Princess Mononoke
    Spirited Away

    Two masterpieces I tell ya!
    What else, well
    Ghost in the shell was mentionned already.
    Akira the movie was good too.
    That's all I can think of right now
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  19. I liked both Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, but my favorite Ghibli movie has to be Kiki's Delivery Service. There's something about that movie that just makes me feel happy. Second favorite is between PM and Laputa (which has the best credits scene ever).

    Never watched Akira, but it's on my "to watch" list next to the rest of the Apple Seed series.
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  20. Miyazaki!!

    My favorite is Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

    The worst was Ponyo