To all my friends and acquaintances

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I felt like it was about time I told you, because many people don't know yet.
    I've personally contacted a few people, but I know I also missed a lot of people who do care about me.
    So, what I wanted to say is that my father died January 7th.

    I just had a feeling there were people here that would want to know that I didn't tell.
    If anyone wants to talk with me, please vote in the poll, and I'll pm you.

    Prayer is much appreciated, even from people who don't know me well.
  2. Bad things happen in life and unfortunately most you can't stop from happening,
    just hang in there and keep pushing through life.. No matter what is thrown at you,
    don't let this get to the better of you. He's in a good place and I'm sure he loves you very much. I'm sorry for your loss :(
    Stay strong and keep thinking positive things!

    if you just want to talk to me I'm just a pm away :)
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  3. You have my condolences. :c
  4. Im very sorry to hear about your loss.. I know that the community will very much be willing to help you. If you want to talk be sure to let me know.
  5. :c
    may your father rest in peace.
  6. Right, I'm not fully confident of doing this, but when looking at the spam I left on your profile (which I shall clean up after posting this) I guess this is the better place. The initial idea was that you profile was 'semi-private' and well, this is a loaded subject afterall.

    First of all I want to obviously wish you all the best, I'm sure I already did that. And second I want to say that, well, if you need to vent a little at times for whatever reason then you know my mailbox is always open to that.

    My personal advice in this matter is to simply carry on and really try to make the best of things while also trying not to reflect too much on the past. Because right now its basically about you, and thus really time to also start thinking more about yourself in this matter. Easily said than done obviously, and I'm also not suggesting that you try to ignore the whole thing, most certainly not.

    But what really helped me when I was in a situation where some of my dear ones disappeared from my life I basically focused on their welfare and not so much mine. Meaning; they no longer had to deal with the day to day problems and issues, but also; no matter what I'd do they'd also not come back again. Its good to grief, but its also important to keep yourself in check. So usually, but that might be just me, picking up where you left of and focusing on your own situation works best.

    At least that's what I did.

    Not saying its all that easy, for sure, but yah....

    Most important of all... You're not alone. I don't know if you have other family members left, it's really none of my business, but even if you don't then you'd still not be alone. Although nothing beats having friends which you can visit and talk to, one should also never underestimate the impact which a nice community can have.

    Some people tend to forget while playing, but behind all those names and avatars go real people with real emotions, real issues and yah... Sometimes also real friendships.

    As said; even though I personally value friendships in real life higher it's still something one should not underestimate either.

    Alas; that's as far as I'm taking it. I really wish you all the best here 607. And as said before; my mailbox is always open to you.
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  7. Thank you <3

    By the way, the source of my changing signature posted a new post a little bit ago, and I think it's very much appropriate.