TNT in Town

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  1. I think TNT should be enabled in town. I Find myself spending a bit too much time digging in my res. There could be a flag for TNT damage too.
  2. Where it would be helpful to have TNT in town, it can cause griefing problems.
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  3. Diamond players often will light it off for you as long as you provide.
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  4. Thought it was only useable In utopia
  5. TNT is allowed in town. You must be Diamond Supporter to use it though.

    There is a flag for TNT, default is False.
  6. Q: What about TNT?
    A: If we can not come up with a solution before Aug 1st, TNT will initially be disabled completely, temporarily. The idea is that we will block TNT in the wild, but enable it for all players in Town. A system will be put in place to ensure TNT is not abused in Town and does not cause lag, and then it will be open to all.


    Coming soon to an EMC server near you(probably).
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  7. Yeah, I just find myself spending a bit too much time digging on my res.
  8. Yes, limits will be needed for TNT
  9. You can always pay 60k for a snr staff to clear your res entirely of dirt :p
  10. What kind of shovels are you using?
  11. diamond
  12. With an efficiency 4 shovel I could probably dig out my res in a couple of hours.
  13. Plain diamond or enchanted with...?
  14. TNT used to work... I placed it for someone, got the TNT and build flags... we would light it up, and it would go fizzle fizzle, no boom. Seems like something changed.

    I almost always will place TNT on 7 for people given that:
    1) They provide the TNT
    2) I got Time
    3) Its their OWN res...
    4) Does not seem like it would harm anything else around
    5) I will not place a large amount of the boom sticks.

    Helps if I know the player or have seen them around a bit too.
    But in the waste, TNT works properly.
    In town, it would not blow up, nor damage any blocks, nor the redstone torch placed to light it up.
  15. how many Eff IV shovels total do you think it'd take to dig out an entire res and is anyone selling Eff IV books?
  16. I would guess around 8-10, assuming that you have unbreaking 3 on it too.
    (Anyone, feel free to correct me, been a long time since i've dug out a res by myself, but this is about what I remember repairing/using)
    Easiest is to just have one shovel with the enchants on it, and repair it with another regular diamond shovel.
  17. X*Y*Z, 60*63*60=226800/6248 (the average durability of a unb3 diamond shovel)=~36.3, so 37 shovels lol.
  18. So I just need to find a single Eff IV, Unbreaking III diamond shovel and then 36 regular shovels and I should be good to go?
  19. I think you lose the enchants when repairing in a crafting table.
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  20. You do, but if you repair in an anvil with exp points it keeps the enchants
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