TNT and "Sewers"

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  1. Not many people will know about this, but empire has so called "Sewers".
    On my 4th res, I am uncovering the "Sewers" and I need you guys too help, if you donate TNT too 1054,
    I will open a mall/chillout zone in the sewers. But... I have 33 r so I cant buy any of this without you.
    So if you could donate TNT, glass, and mossy cobble, I would be most thankful.

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  2. You get 1300r a day, im sure a few day wait wouldnt kill you -_-
  3. These sewers are fake. I don't know what you're smoking, but i nuked through an entire res, there's no "sewers"
  4. They're not fake. Some reses on SMP1 (and I presume other servers) are surrounded by roads without any dirt under them due to a WorldEdit error long ago. Since then, parts of them have been torched up by the Senior Staff for all to enjoy. :)
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  5. I have heard of these but never actually seen them.
  6. the world of emc is full of secrets
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  7. A million likes for you, kind of bugs me when Diamond supporters bug for money like that.
  8. Go put a downer on someone elses thread
    This is gonna cost over 400k, so if I want it done by NEXT YEAR I'll need some donations

    100k on 4 beacons
    9900 mossy cobble block
    12000 glass
    However many diamond blocks it takes too make 4 beacons 50k
    Just too give you an idea
  9. Wow, I really have that affect on people, don't I?
    I wish you great luck in getting the items that you apparently need,
    Because I assure you, you're going to need it.
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  10. Hm, interesting. If I could do a quick analysis by asking a few questions, perhaps the community would have more insight into the project you have planned.

    Firstly, I'm sure you'll get traffic through your mall due to the opportunity to explore these elusive sewers, but does the mall itself have a unique selling point? Are you able to provide something in a certain way that no other mall currently does, and if so, what is it? Is this going to be attractive for regular consumers on your home server and occasional bulk buyers throughout the Empire?

    Secondly, since the venture in question is not purely artistic and has a profitable component in it, I would recommend that you do not seek donations, unless your target audience for donations can expect something in return. Perhaps you could hollow out areas in the sewers to create hotel rooms, and donors can have access to these?

    Thirdly, since the venture is profitable, I think you should derive most of the start-up capital from a profitable venture. Set up a treefarm and a cobble generator on your res, sell Wood and Stone. Reinvest the money in creating a crowdsourced non-permanent workforce. Start with one guy alternating between using the generator and lumbering, then once your income is high enough employ someone else. Keep investing your money into expanding the business into setting up a wild colony to gather minerals, then have a Nether Colony running expeditions to gather Glowstone, before setting up a Wither Team to kill Withers and sell off the Nether Stars/Beacons until you have enough to launch the ultimate venture in question.

    Fourthly, naming suggestions. Here's what I've got:
    • The Empire Depths
    • The Underlands
    • The Earth Wharf
    • The Corewastes
    • Crossroad Depths
    Fifthly, if you take such an interest in exploration of places like the elusive Sewers, you should set up a group to find weird and wonderful areas throughout the Wild and fence them off to create National Parks. You could set up escort teams to get people to and from the National Park for a fee, allow exploration of the National Park and set up bridges and ladders to supplement this, and you could create a town, made up of incredibly beautiful mansions overlooking the even more wondrous National Park.
    With a population, the township encircling the Park could have shops and resource factories. An entire nation could be created from the Park Colonies, perhaps you could call it the Colony Nation, standing tall as a community equivalent to that of the 'Town Nation', if you like, and the nation could even be governed by a single legislature (with individual colonies being permitted devolved legislatures, of course.

    Then, you could even expand to other servers. Look through the Minestatus server list, go to the first ones you see that are relatively vanilla Survival Multiplayer, find an area of outstanding beauty to fence off, and create a colony around it. Do this with many servers, and do it many times per server. You could even start your own Minecraft community out of this, by setting up a fresh server and a website for it, and rather than countering the current established society, you won't have one to counter, so you could just find as many beautiful areas as possible, fence them off, and start colonies around them.

    The first National Parks created would encircle the original spawn point. Once all the parks have been designated, you could link them together in a circle, with each link comprising an extensive transportation system including footpaths, minecart tracks, and boating canals, as well as the odd non-damaging TNT cannon, if that would be possible. In the centre of this circle, start a Grand Colony Metropolis, the largest, most wondrous and most epic city that has ever been made by your clan. Have the city extend to the National Parks, and once the city and the parks are merged in the single Grand Metropolis, designate another circle of National Parks and try to extend to that. Rinse and repeat, all the while keeping your colonies on other servers growing at the same pace.

    Once you have enough influence as such an incredibly powerful nation extending throughout the Minesphere, set up training facilities. Have each player in the nation compose themselves a dossier of skills they have, like a CV/resume, choose the best, and enter them into an extensive training process to become the best at multiple genres of Minecraft other than Vanilla SMP, and create servers in other genres to supplement this. These amazing players will advertise the glorious national cause of the Colony Nation throughout Survival Games, Tekkit, and Skyblock servers.

    Players will be amazed by the superplayers. I saw a post on Reddit the other day about how a guy killed 7 Ender Dragons simultaneously and has died maybe twice in the time he's played Minecraft, that amazes and inspires me and can do the same to others. Have these players funnel in through the community, in order to increase the popularity and success of the community.

    After a while, start some YouTube channels, one channel for each Minecraft subject to advertise the supreme talent of the Colony Nation. Name them ColonyNationPvP, ColonyNationBuild, ColonyNationSG, ColonyNationHG, ColonyNationTekkit, ColonyNationSkyblock etc. Crowd as many good players at each topic into each YouTube channel as you can, and have them play their best. Minecraft videos can have exponential view counts, so you can look forward to a partnership. Split your monies evenly with the players, and invest your slice of the money into a tutorial section on your website.

    In this section, have tutorials on animation, Minecraft modding, website building and game programming. Start up databases for each type of content, and market the content on other sites like Bukkit as well. From the Animation database, start a channel called CoNaAnimation, and pick the best animation of the day from the database and upload it to the channel, sharing revenues with the creator. With the website building, have a test in the tutorial at an extremely advanced level, and any players who pass this test are entitled to send an affiliate pitch to the ColonyNation admins. This affiliate pitch can be used by players to showcase a unique idea for a website. If the ColonyNation admins see it as lucrative enough, they offer the player both a .com and a domain, a reasonable share of the income, and of course the traffic from the ColonyNation umbrella brand.
    As for the game programming, have something similar as with the website pitching, but of course with games.

    With the mods database, pick one Mod each week to spotlight, and from then on train players in usage of this mod. Create an entirely new genre of Minecraft server called ColonyX, updated annually except for debugging, and have it made up of all spotlighted mods that year. For each year that passes, add on 52 more mods. Have a Singleplayer Mod version and a Multiplayer Plugin version for servers. Make 3 versions, a SuperLite version compatible with whatever the minimal system requirements are for Minecraft, a Lite version compatible with the average system specifications Minecraft players have, and a Complete version with all the mods. The SuperLite and Lite versions will directly drop out mods. As well as this, there will be efforts to improve the performance of Minecraft through certain modifications to the game engine undertaken by modmakers in the modmaking community in ColonyNation, so more mods can be included.

    After a while, branch out to other games, multiplayer or not, and do similar stuff with them.
    That's all the ideas I have right now, I've drained myself of all creative juices. You're welcome :)
  11. Get the beacons last, they will be cheapest then. Probably 60-80k total.
    12000 glass would be max 12k.
    164*4=656. 656*9=5904. 5904*42=247968r. That would be the max number per pyramid. But in reality, you only need the second smallest design to get full effects on your res when the beacons are just below ground level. So... 32*4=128. 128*9=1152. 1152*42=48384. So you were close enough on your estimate. But, you could even get by with the lowest amount of diamonds.
    60k+12k+48.384k=120.384k. 400k-120.384k=279616. 279919/9900=28.24r a piece per mossy cobble block.
    Not to be harsh, but if you are going to ask people to donate, do the math and give us a real estimate of what it will cost, not just a number you pulled from your head.
  12. Look, that was just an idea of what I was building, I have about 10 stacks of glowstone needed also. And alot of other stuff. Not listing here
  13. ... If you want donations, we should know what our donations are being used for.
  14. Wait... 33r, and you get 1.3k a day... what am I missing here...
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  15. Wow. I'm impressed. That's absolutely impossible, but still impressive to simply coherently type that much.
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  16. I think I love you.... :p
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  17. Mossy cobblestone and tnt cost alot...
  18. That is the best idea I've seen come from you!

    Good job!
    +1000 respect!
  19. wait what really
  20. That or relevant lava walls ;)