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  1. It is time for something coolio!

    #Tweetmetuesday or #TMT for short, because twitterers love that! :D

    Write me ridiculous (gameplay) questions and I'll answer them truthfully!
    Answer might be accompanied with a follow so gogo

    post them at @DMGRDC, #TMT

    Lets make this a thing!
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  2. Ive followed and sub'd! :)
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  3. Make sure to tweet me your coolio question with #TMT! but thanks lots!
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  4. I subbed u and sent u question it sounds like a good idea :)
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  5. Bumperonies for le #Tweetmetuesday #TMT !
    I'm loving your weird questions! xD
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  6. Please only bump 3 hours after the previous post :)

    Also, expect a tweet from me soon.
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  7. You are absolutely correct.

    We've got questions about cheese and potatos.. What is next?
    You decide! Send your question to @DMGRDC including #TMT today!
  8. Wow.. You're so good at advertising xD
  9. not sure if sarcasm or..
    if sarcasm; feel free to give me constructive feedback to me in PM about how I can improve my ways.
    if serious; thanks, glad you appreciate it :)
  10. I wasn't being sarcastic, it's just like.. you remind me of commercials on the internet or tv, you're quite good at it :)
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  11. *Waiting for Tuesday so I can tweet you* :p