Titanfall 3.11.14

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by AmusedStew, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. So who else is excited for titanfall?!

    Only about 6 weeks to wait...
  2. I am! Wohoo! :)
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  3. I don't get excited about a lot of games, but I can hardly wait for Titanfall
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  4. If I'm being honest, I haven't seen or heard of this game before
    But only 1 min into the trailer and I'm very impressed o.o
  5. Im waiting so long for this game >.>
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  6. Haha, this game is taking over COD for me as well as Destiny... but titanfall just looks so sick.
  7. Yeah, me too..

    I normally don't like Sci-Fi-ish/Halo-ish games, but this one looks awesome :)
    And also, I've heard that they will release a beta soon (don't know if it's open or closed though).
  8. Im hoping for an open beta for those who preordered the game (I havent gotten around to preordering yet for another 2 weeks.)
  9. Yeah, but the only problem is for those who buy on like - amazon or any other web-based stores.. Will they just send the game keys on email? I hope so :)

    I'll pre-order the Xbox One version on Amazon. That's because I can't use the xbox live store on my xbox one :(
  10. Getting my Xbox one in 2-3 weeks so thats when I preorder my copy :p
  11. I don't mean to be a downer, but this game is so overhyped. Mech games have been tried before, and all they are doing is combining CoD into the future again. Cool concept, but there is too little balance.
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  12. Meh, I need a break from COD all I do is rage at the stupid stuff. Im hoping one of these games will allow me to have fun again :p
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  13. Hope it won't be glitchy like Battlefield 4

    From my past experience most games from EA were plagued with bugs on launch
  14. I saw some game play for it, had to change my pants a few times, but I'm skeptical that something about it is gonna be off and it'll just be another over-hyped game. Unfortunately, I do not have an Xbox One, and I don't plan on getting one until I have the reason to and the money. Not about to blow off $600 on just Forza 5 and Titanfall.
  15. will it be released for pc too?
  16. Yes, it will be released on the origin store.
  17. lets hope i can buy it somewhere else too, cause its way too expensive in the origin store...
  18. Only places are:

    Xbox 360
    Xbox One
    Origin Store
  19. Anyone else think the coolest parts of that were the parkour ninja moves? Being able to jump around like a boss ninja would be enough for me to want to try the game. Even without the titans.
  20. GameStop is selling them (obviously pre-orders now, but when they're released) as CDs in regular cases. See here.

    On another note, I would've pre-ordered it by now, but since I got a horrible PS4 instead of an Xbox One, I need to wait until it's returned so if we don't return it at all then I won't be stuck with a game I can't play. :p