Tired of Dying in Wild

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  1. Everytime I try to explore the Wild and even attempt to gather materials to build on my plot. Now I have just started on this server and don't have anything pretty much. Now I have a question to ask everyone, what is the best way to accumalate a vast number of materials and be able to take them home to use.

    Because I would like to enjoy Minecraft and the work my way up. But I am unable to if I can't get any mats.

  2. Become friends with people to go mining with.
  3. It is very vital you equip yourself in armor and a sword before venturing into the wild.
    A full set of Diamond armor and a diamond sword will keep you alive very easily.
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  4. I've been asking around, but most people have already done it and are selling it in their shops.
    Guess all I can do is ask more :p

    Well it's difficult to equip with me with such, when I can't get it :(
  5. Diamond is the "best", but Iron works very well also
  6. Hey just give me a shout sometime and me and some of my buddies might be persuaded to go for a mine with ya! Just give a shout!
  7. Ill join you anytime.Come to smp8 and ask me whenever you feel like mining!
  8. My diamond armor wont let me get more than 1 heart of damage.... I AM (NEARLY) INVINCIBLE!
  9. I'd be happy to join you and redwing. I'm not sure if I'm a "buddy" yet, but group mining doesn't hurt, and if you guys get teamspeak, it can be quite companionable.
  10. You in server 9?! :)
  11. I barely know you guys but I'd be glad to come along on most servers. Let me know when and where and I'll try my best to be there.
  12. (ears explode) What?! What!?
    Try the quote up above you

    And you might have to catch me at a time I'm on.
  13. You die in the wild?...
    I've only ever died in the wild a few times, mostly from long falls and suicides. Any chance you could practice PvP on PvP servers? That's what i've done and mobs are very easy to take down.
  14. I have gave 1000 rupees to your account, get you some nice armor ^_^
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  15. I've died from falling, and not having armor because wild seems to be no Iron I can find.

    Thank you, please let me know if I can do anything for you :)
  16. The key to mining in the wild is going at least 1k - 2k blocks out, every thing lower is all taken mostly
  17. The PRA reset on smp2 today (or at least that is when I noticed it =P) So if you head to Smp2 there good stuff close! ^_^ EDIT: It is probably reset on all servers
  18. Outposts usually have less damage around so it's much better mining near them.
  19. Don't give up, it's very difficult at first, but you will get the hang of it. You have done the right thing by asking for help and getting feedback. I will offer lots of tips, but try all or none if you want.

    Establish a home base in town so that dying in the wild isn't so tragic:
    Get someone to make you a cobble generator on your res in town. This will give you some materials to build with.
    Plant your saplings in town and you will have wood once they grow or get bone meal to grow them quickly
    Grow some type of food item so you have a supply to take when exploring the wild.

    When going into the wild try these at first:
    Don't stay out past dark, or build a tiny dirt enclosure with a torch in it to wait till dawn.
    Use the live map to see where you are and keep track of the time. You can even log off when it gets dark or stormy and then log back on when it turns light and fair.
    Try taking a boat across a large body of water, there is usually better mining farther from spawn and mobs are really slow in water.

    Read the rupees section of this site and learn how to get daily bonus rupees by voting so that you can have more rupees to buy diamonds for armor and tools.
    Iron is very hard to buy right now due to being useful for the new beacons, but diamonds are frequently available
    An ender chest will allow you to store items collected in the wild that can not be lost if you die, read the minecraft wiki about how to make/use one.
    Don't take anything into the wild that you don't need at first. Leave it in your chests in town.
    A diamond chestplate is enough armor for walking in the wild during the day and fighting a mob now and then.
    Place torches frequently when tunneling so mobs don't spawn as often.
    Use the live map to see what other players are exploring in the wild, they will more often want to explore with you than town players.

    Good luck, i think that's more than enough tips for one post.