Tips to not get griefed?

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  1. I agree with you Pineapple
  2. Pretty sure is way easier to grief with a wither than tnt, but thanks 4 advice(i didnr realise griefers cojld use my own stuff =P silly me
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  3. I have a few builds out in the Frontier and I've never been griefed and I credit two things for that fact:

    1) I don't tell anyone about the builds
    2) They are far out

    So, while I know that some players have found them before... I limit the exposure by not disclosing their location. They are in spots that yes, a griefer could get to... but most griefers are not going to travel very far to do their griefing.
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  4. Basically all the worst parts of human nature.
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  5. I guess now the only good tips are /buildmode and locked chests <3
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  6. Not necessarily ;) If you don't want to rebuild your entire train track then you're still a bit confined to using some "old fashioned" methods. Especially if you're not friends with everyone on the outpost and are using blocks to hide things like entrances.
  7. I would avoid building on smp8.
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  8. Go so far out that even your friends don't want to visit. :(

  9. One of these days I'm gonna take some time & hunt you down. I think I may have enough clues to find you, but it will be a huge time investment.
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  10. He will make you work, so be careful ;p
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  11. I'm aware. I figure it will take at least a week (irl) of dedicated time. I have a rough idea of where to look.
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  12. Winning gets the honor of digging a few large holes!
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  13. Digging one large hole was enough for a little while for me thanks no thanks LOL
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  14. Sorry, I'm in a bit of a funny mood right now. Dead tired after work (new heatwave in Holland, I really hope it'll only last a few days as predicted)....

    You guys missed the best option of them all!

    Because the best way not to get griefed is... <drumroll please>

    .... not building something in the first place! <symbal clash>

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  15. Haha. Protect your blocks by keeping them in your vault! So good.
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  16. Honestly, I don't think you need to worry about getting griefed. I've had a wild outpost on SMP5 that has some impressive structures in it for 2 (maybe 3?) years now, and it's never so much as had a block accidentally mined from it. It's quite close to spawn (outer edge of the pre-loaded circle) and it's had visitors, but they've always been respectful and often leave books or signs behind with nice comments in them lol.

    If you want to be on the safe side though, be more than 10k blocks away from spawn and hide yourself on the map. If you want to be extra safe, build underground (this could serve as a useful attraction for members also - it'd be nice to see people experimenting with outposts instead of building communities above ground). Basically I just second what everyone else has already said in here.
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  17. How to make a base that isn't going to get griefed.
    1. /map hide
    2. Find an ocean by an outpost
    3. Pick a spot at the bottom of the ocean
    4. Dig straight down to y 12 and place a ladder
    5. Make a nether portal
    6. If you're not below y 15, go back to step 2
    7. Dig a very long tunnel leading away from spawn (Anything over 5k blocks works)
    8. When your tunnel is done, place another nether portal
    9. If underground:
    • Go to the surface
    • Make and light another portal
    • Go through it
    • Go back into the overworld
    • If you pop out at the underground portal, break the underground portal
    • Go back through the surface portal
    • Go back into the overworld
    10. Create outpost
  18. ^^^ almost perfect. except 5k blocks is no where near necessary, let alone OVER 5k.