Timeline, Giveaway and AMA!

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  1. owdyhoo EMC!

    Today I have decided to do a TGA!
    TGA is a random abbreviation that i just invented; it means Timeline, Giveaway and Ask Me Anything.
    Amen to TGA.

    T = Timeline
    It all started a bright summer day, 669 days ago.
    A friend introduced me to EMC from my school; he still plays abit on EMC under the name "oestenspandekage"
    We were a happy newbie group that went out mining to survive and thrive on EMC. We met a few people out in wild that we grouped up with (forgot their names). We mined some ores and some wood and went back to town. We were confused about the great Empire we faced. We made a small wooden base, as in a secret checkpoint from the dangerous wild. After 40-50 days of mining, we decided to join the EMC way, as in staying in town and build a great empire. I claimed a residence somewhere and made the ugliest obsidian castle ever seen. After that We claimed residence #4040 from brettskiii. We bought some materials from daddydaycare on SMP2; he was one of the great mall industry owners. At 50-90 day on EMC, it was done, 4040 was a 256 blocks high glass skyscraper. It was a mall with the logo #4040 on with a glow stone frame.
    Our plan was to open it and run it with the materials that we would mine on our mining trips.

    At around 90-100 i met RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66 at a very special day on SMP2.
    Quickly we became friends, and my other friends from real life left EMC so RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66 and i decided to group up together and try to make some stuff together. We made an epic Chinese styled temple, where we decided to sell enchantments that we got from a double zombie grinder that was given to us by a man from Scotland, which name I cannot remember.
    I was told that the enchantment shop that we ran all that time ago was the second enchantment business on EMC; i think the first one was Dubzy1.
    It is no secret that that business made us millions of rupees, but honestly most of the rupees that we earned was donated away again. We ran that business and had SO MUCH FUN for around 200 days. I do not exactly remember what happened to our business, but we decided to close our business for a little time. As 1.3 patch came out (correct me if I am wrong) MC introduced a whole enchantment system that made me a robot open up our business again.
    Again, the community supported us, and we had success once again. Robot and i were just becoming better and better friends. At like 400 days into my EMC "career”, me and robot made a mall with normal items in it. That mall never really felt the feeling of success, so it closed down pretty quick. After that, i had some real life issues in real life and such, so i left EMC for around 100 days.
    I fixed my real life stuff and returned to EMC.
    I met this person, a crazy Dutchman i call him. In your tongue he may be Eclipsys but he is crazy bagpipe loving Dutchman in my tongue,!
    He was running a server, which offered buildings for cash. I hired him for a quad residence project, paid him 570,000rupees and we started. We made tons of progress and we started more projects. We started Aegis Hotel, Galeries Lagrandiosa and soon new stuff
    500th day - now we are making progress every day, and i meet new amazing people every day, and i just love the Empire more and more.
    Here is a list on some of the people that meant most to be on my life on EMC:
    I could make a list here, but there is simply too many people to make a list with them, i can just say, i love you all!

    G = Giveaway
    This is going to be a giveaway on 25,000rupees, please pick a number between 1 and 50

    1 Bro_Im_Infinite
    2 Eclipsys
    3 Cchiarell6914
    4 Alyattayla
    6 DGAk0
    7 mman2832
    8 akela32
    11 TomvanWijnen
    12 Dwight5273
    13 trent948
    14 607
    15 Chizmaro
    16 Aquazzz
    17 xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    18 820327
    19 MoeMacZap
    21 cddm95ace
    22 hashhog3000
    23 Defluxer
    24 adondrabkin
    26 Lucas3226
    27 skrillexrocks500
    28 Olaf_C
    29 porphos
    31 battmeghs
    34 southpark347
    35 fireshadow35
    36 canuckshockey
    37 Reindeer_
    38 TigerstarMC
    39 queendiva1
    40 joshyrocks13
    41 Jc .d Plugs
    42 allengero
    43 Gadget_AD
    45 AmusedStew
    47 jacob5019
    48 brickstrike
    49 slash41995
    50 jackrhoades32

    This part is actually simple, as in, it is in the title.

    Please ask any question and i will do my best answering.owdyhoo EMC!

  2. 40 :p congrats btw!
  3. 15, congrats! Why do you think your mall failed?
  4. What do you like most on the Empire? :O

    4. please :D
  5. Yay! Thank you for the story! I can not ask a question at the moment, maybe I'll think of something later. Could I get number 14 please?
  6. 17 please! I loved the story! What do you love the most about EMC? :)
  7. 22, please. How did you choose your MC name?
  8. 27 What are your alts?
  9. 16 plz :) Why do you cast faith?
  10. .d?


  11. 37 please!
    IF there was one thing you could redo that you did on the empire, what would it be?
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  12. oh goooodie, another faith giveaway =3 i can haz 31?
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  13. 7 please shrek 1 or 2?
  14. 11 please :) congratz on 669 days!
  15. 48 please!
    How often do you think of potatoes? o3o
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  16. 35 please. :) Have you ever fiddled extensively with redstone, and if so, what's one construction you're proud of?
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  17. 28 please. Are you ever going to open that enchant store?
  18. I'd like #21 please. Congrats! If you could have any superpower what would it be?
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