Timed Out

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by KiashiSama, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. What is up with this?

    I've timed out 2 times within 5 mins from each other. The first time I timed out, I came back and was on smp9. Seems others are having this problem too.

    I just timed out again, while typing this thread.

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  2. I timed out and then later on my alts timed out. I had to reopen Minecraft individually :p and I saw like 50 billion other people have the same problem
    EDIT: It just happened as I was typing this
    EDIT: It happened again as I was editing this post
  3. same problem here
  4. Check the /tps. We are having issues on SMP5 too.
  5. Same. Moving conversations to skype now ;)
  6. What's funny is that some of the staff told me that 19.66 tps is good.
  7. That is good... 20 is great but anything in 19 is also good.
  8. 19.6 is generally when you see people starting to get kicked. Its playable, but not perfect.