Time limit on daily voting bonus problem

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  1. Getting kinda tired of the fact that my voting in succession keeps getting reset. Even if its only missed by a few hours.

    I work a job where the past month iv been switching from having to be there at 7am till 3pm to 3pm till 11pm every now and then (it was especially fun when I would have to work 3pm till 11pm then the next day be there at 7am till 3pm). So when I go and do the vote thing I either have to stay up really late to do it or miss out on it and it gets reset.

    Well yesterday I did the vote at 12:50am (or so) and so when I got home from work I tried to vote a few times kept saying "you have to wait 24 hours between votes to vote again" which im fine with but then I finally get to it just a few hours later and boom already got my voting thing reset to 0 times.

    This has happened before where I voted like 5pm and kept trying to do it around the same time for a few days then it got to the point where it was like only 15-30 minutes more past the 24 hours and it had already got reset.

    Its kinda like they trick you into thinking if you vote every day concurrently that you have a chance at constantly getting the extra bonus's but if you forget or are busy and don't get to it right away around the 24 hour mark it gets reset.

    So whats with that? Or am I the only one getting this fun stuff happen to me? Cause I only missed it by about 4 hours after the 24 hours since I last voted and its already reset. I guess it only works for those who have no life and can be on the computer like all the time and don't need a job or go to school and remember to go on it every 24 hours at the exact time to vote each time for this to work for them.

    I think I was on a roll to since I was at about 7 yesterday. Usually at most I get is 5 days before its reset back to 0 again.
  2. Get supporter and get it auto :)
  3. You can automatically vote as a supporter?

    I know how you feel. I got to 9 and it did it to me as well when i went to vote on the 10th day, it wouldn't let me when I was on earlier that morning but then that whole day I was unable to get on and by the time I was, it would have been day 11. It reset my votes. It's gotten to the point I don't really bother because well, I forget and I hate that 24hours EMC and 24hours on the voting pages seem to be different.
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  4. I think Nfell means daily bonus, not voting rewards like the rest of us :p
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  5. Thats what I meant! I just didn't read what he put :)
  6. umm, maybe he doesn't want to pay 20 bucks a month 0o.o0
  7. Iron get it too
  8. so? still costs money!
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  9. Ahh I get it all Nfell saw was Daily and Bonus in the same sentence :p
  10. I dont read :) As you may have noticed
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  11. Today only 26 hours since I last voted and already it reset. Or in other words 2 hours after when I should have voted and it already reset. Kinda annoying im back to 0 when I was at 4 before.
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  12. I think either there was a bug/problem or someone fixed it cause it now seems like I don't have to hurry and vote exactly 1 day later in order to keep getting the daily votes thing. Like I mentioned above if you missed by just a few hours (cause your busy or something) you would automatically get reset to 0 days. Well it seems like they might have extended the time slightly. So even though no mods/admins commented just wanted to say thanks it seems like it was fixed or altered a bit to help.
  13. I had this problem too, but now I have a way to fix it.
    Just vote on only 3 sites for example, so you can vote the next day on the other sites, even if the 24 hours aren't yet over.

    Friday 9 PM vote planetminecraft, minestatus
    Saturday 5 AM vote Minecraft-Mp, Minecraft-server-list
  14. This is purely a problem on the voting sites end.

    Our system is as flexible as it can be. If you vote ANYWHERE between midnight EST +24 hrs you will be fine.

    However, most of the voting systems use the archaic style of a hard ACTUAL 24 hours.. This leads to the problems you are having.

    For best luck at keeping your daily bonus going, do not vote for all the sites at the same time. Stagger tham out a few hours.

    As long as you get a single vote in from any of the sites per day your bonus will stay.

    I believe one of the sites does use the "based off midnight" approach, so i'm not really sure why you were having problems if you genuinely did try to vote each day.

    You mention 26 hours? Well 26 is 2 hours too late... You need to vote once per day to keep your chain.

    Nothing has been altered or will be altered on our system since its release (except maybe to add more secret bonuses)
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  15. Well unfortunately if I tried to vote before the 24 hours it would tell me "you already voted 20 whatever hours ago and bla bla minutes please wait (whatever that time was) before voting again." So essentially you could only vote every 24 hours on some of those sites.
  16. Yes, but when you organise it right, that doesn't matter.
    Then the only problem is you can't vote on all the sites in one day, but that is not very nesesarry.

    I don't know how I can explain it you, but you can do this.
  17. I have already figured it out after they mentioned you can vote for them individually at different times.