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  1. When at work, home, or standing behind the guy determined to buy every lottery ticket at the store, I find my self constantly checking 3 web sights, a few apps and games repeatedly, and sometimes a random Google question.

    Web sight-EMC
    Web sight-listverse.com
    Web sight-9gag.com
    Game (android)- spaghetti and marshmallows
    Game (android)-x construct
    app (android)-useless facts
    app (android)-useful facts

    Post some of the sights, apps, or games you use to to kill time when you are unable to play your PC or console games.
  2. When on the school bus, i whip out my kindle fire, and play temple run or temple run 2, or.... read a book.
  3. When I'm bored I play GTA San Andreas.
    Also, There is Vsauce, a channel on Youtube, they have tons of fact videos, and even videos on how to keep yourself entertained, they're called DONG's. ( Yes I laughed too )
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  4. 9Gag is peasant internet humour. Try Reddit, Funnyjunk or the Cheezburger Network. If you're feeling brave, try a spoonful of 4Chan.
  5. Hey I remember those. We had them when I was a kid. I should read them more.

    My phone doesn't like to play videos( stupid Sprint).

    I will give those a shot. 9gag gets a laugh out of me every once in a while.
  6. Do they get them all? :p
  7. If i may suggest, read some James Patterson books. Very fast-paced books. [ If you dont know who James Patterson is.... shame on you xD]
  8. I have to point out, 90% of 9Gag's content is from the websites I mentioned along with a few others. The other 10% is content created by the everyman, usually based on old low-quality misunderstood memes.
  9. They would if they could. It drives me crazy.
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  10. Would just like to point out that it's called "site." Web site. Anywho, if you ever want to get lost in time, there's no place like TV Tropes.
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  11. I play Jetpack Joyride or use the Cheezburger apps whenever I get bored. So addicted to jetpack joyride, probably play more of that than MC right now :p
  12. 9Gag, please, MemeCenter is where its at.
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  13. Yay Vsause!