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  1. Since the others have failed to razzle and dazzle, I now wish to REWARD the best story teller with 500 rupees!
    1. You can only post one time and it must fit in one post. Choose your words wisely.
    2. IT must not break any of the Empires rules for posting, derp, as well as not degrade others stories.
    3. It must BE The TRUTH!....well hard to prove, but Im sure you are not fighting endless hordes of Ender Dragons, Withers, and Mini bosses all with a wooden sword....You know what, make it believable at least.
    4. Get DETAILED! Give us something GOOD to read, thats related to your actual time spent. Even iron farming. tell us about the zombies that constantly swarm around, above, below you, and whatever livens the story or something with truth to it. Tell us why you were buying something.
    5. It MUST be within an hour or so before the crash. Its ok to tell us what you were planning to do before the crash and what you will do after.
    6. HAVE FUN!
    7. Make Sure you have room to post What Server you were on with the EXACT spelling of your name and time you will likely be on.
    Reward will go out when I wake up...thats not that long off.
  2. So, I was gathering the new mob heads and noticed I need chicken heads so I went to cadgamer101's shop to buy chicken egss and the server crashed... :(
  3. I was watching good quality, British TV set in the 1940's :p
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  4. I have finally got into redstone - I have just copied a lovely design for an automated potion brewing set-up and an automated furnace system. It has taken a few days to complete the brewer because of its size and because I keep redesigning my house around it - I almost thought I had it ! I was ready for a test run - id filled the hoppers - was just looking up a potion to make ...... and the server is down! I just want to see if my brewer works finally!! and am very frustrated that I cant get back on to see if it works - am hoping it is up soon so I can continue to spend all my rupees on(hopefully) ingredients - and more restone stuff - cos I think I like this automated stuff - leaves me free to pursue mob hunting and wildie adventures :)
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  5. I was not on EMC when the server went down. I was waking up to the fabulous news that my school had been canceled because of rain and flooding. When I heard that news I jumped on my laptop to head to my favorite server just to find the devestating news that the empire was "canceled" too. I then looked to the forumns seeing what was up with all this is this happening again because it was going to ruin my day off from school. I don't see anything posted by Jackbiggen like there was last time so I thought it maybe was a quick all server reboot and sadly find that it wasn't by all the threads saying server crashed again. It messed my day up and I was just about to go fight multiple enderdragons, withers, and emc bosses with a wooden sword (just kidding, I was going to go work on my 68 dcs of cobble im working on for an auction). It saddens me thinking that all these good things happening to me but the empire crashing on me. All I can say I was devestated which brings me to what I am doing right now. I am typing out what I was doing before the crash but is it really that important about before what happened or what we are doing now? I think the present is worth more than the past and the future is worth more than the present. So, don't think that you were doing stuff then and are doing nothing now but as later today you're going to be on the empire. You may need to occupy what you're doing now but its all about the future not the past. These thing are going to happen and to occupy myself through this I am reading forumns and typing this "story." That was the story of what happened and how I felt through the entire process of this "crashing" again. Hope you enjoyed!
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  6. Well, right before the server crashed, I built 800 rapid fire clocks, filled my mob farms with animals and started rapidly going through nether portals :)

    If only we knew why the server crashed ;)
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  7. Just before the crash emc has started to lag. So In my wisdom me thinking it was my computer or something but having absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to anything inside my pc except how to delete cookies (breeeeeeeeath) I did indeed delete my browsing history. Still lagging I decided to try uninstalling some programmes that I know I don't need even though uninstalling programme things on my computer isn't something I know a great deal about (breeeeeeeath) I uninstalled some.......
    THEN! I try to connect to emc THEN! I find I can't THEN! I panic because I think I've uninstalled something I really shouldn't have THEN! I find that no, in fact it isn't me or something I've done it's just emc crashing.......... and THEN! I became really bored..................
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  8. Getting Jcplugs order of 60 DCs of paper
  9. So I was digging in a hole talking to a friend. And I said something to the friend. He didn't reply and I thought he just defriended me and stuff. But den the server crashed. And when I came back on he wasn't on. So they must have took him.
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  10. OMG they took him............................ Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, hope he's ok.
  11. Congrats to Lauralou444 for awesome detail of automated red-stone activities! For your awesome story, here is 500 rupees to aid you in your future constructions!
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